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What makes a woman swallow?

What makes a woman swallow?

So, how can I get her to swallow? I find it interesting how in every heterosexual porn movie, each scene ends in a “cumshot”. A vast majority of these “cumshots” are delivered to the woman’s mouth, and in a lot of cases, she swallows.

If it is that prevelent in porn, why is it so hard to get a woman to swallow nowadays? I mean, I was reading an article about this in an old playboy of mine and it said that the reason was this inherent “ignorance” about semen and the taste and how some women liken it to “blowing your nose in my mouth”… What gives?

Has anyone come up with a sure fire way to get her to swallow? Let me know, thanks.

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Pressure on the back of the head.

Originally Posted by memento
Pressure on the back of the head.

Now thats funny!!

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Tell her there’s a key to a BMW in there, but it won’t come out without constant vacuum.

c’mon guys!

Sorry Iwant10inches,

My fault I guess. I won’t follow up T’s remark with one about false teeth.

Seriously some women will and some won’t but if you want to increase your chances then you could try to make it taste as nice as possible and that’s a diet thing.

Porn isn’t real sex now is it. These women are getting paid to swallow and to at least look like their enjoying it. So I guess a guaranteed route is to become a porn star or to pay for it.

I don’t have that problem :) . My girlfriend seems to be a trooper. Is your better half into erotic pictures?? Maybe you can work your way up to this through taking pictures:) . Or…maybe you could just ask :)

I also read around the forums that pineapple juice sweetens it up. This might help her out with that taste.

Good luck man.

Bonsai!!!, West.

I agree with Mem, pressure on the back of the head never fails. However, usually means the end of a relationship.

Seriously, I don’t think there’s a formula to solve this problem, some women do some don’t and some love it.

My current one doesn’t, so in case you guys encounter the potion, please let me know.

Originally Posted by Hog6.5
By the way, in all those movies the girls also fuck with their shoes on.:confused:

I read once (dont ask me where, i dont remember!) that they use shoes because the floor on those sets are dirty…
…maybe full of body fluids all over the place, who knows? :D

Originally Posted by Hog6.5
By the way, in all those movies the girls also fuck with their shoes on.:confused:

Yea, what’s up with that anyway

Nah, its for the foot fetish guys. I think they wear the shoes but no socks, right.


!No diseque sus testículos!

I believe the shoes thing is or was historical in that a lot places had laws agains full nudity in films, so shoes were a way of getting around that. Its a bit like the old B&W movies where they always had to have one foot on the floor if they were kissing on a bed or a couch to get past the censor.

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