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What makes a woman swallow?

Originally Posted by johngreen38
Btw - it doesn’t help the mood either when the woman in your life talks about how cum is the DNA and it’s the life developing essentials and how it grosses her out to eat DNA.

I guess looking at it that way, then yea, it’s gross.. So the idea is to not think of cum as DNA.

Not if you get a vasectomy! Wohoo! NO SPERM!

I, too, was interested in what makes Mrs. 5379 swallow. So I pulled out my dick, poked it in her mouth, and began the experiment. Here is what I observed in Mrs. 5379’s mouth:

Stage I: Cum was sprayed into Mrs. 5379’s mouth.

Stage II: The tongue pushes the cum to the back of the mouth where a structure folds over the top of the windpipe to keep cum out. At the back of the mouth, the presence of cum triggers muscle contractions.

Stage III: Muscle contractions push cum down the esophagus.

Stage IV: Cum moves through the esophagus, and the lower esophageal sphincter muscle opens to let cum pass into the stomach.

This is what makes Mrs. 5379 swallow. So if your lady is not swallowing, perhaps one of the aforementioned stages is missing :)


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Question) What makes a women swallow

Answer) A big dick down their throat

Apparently none of these suggestions has worked, cause she still won’t.

What makes a woman swallow? She wants to!

Why won’t many women swallow…they don’t want to.

Now, the real interesting factor is what makes a woman WANT to swallow….thats the real question!

If you have a woman that wants to because she is totally turned on by it…you have hit the oral sex lottery.

If you watch those porno gals swallowing, MOST are just doing it for the money or the fame ( they think) and very few of them actually really like it. Some don’t mind, but many are just doing it for the camera.

I think many single gals would do it while you are dating them to impress us, but once we say “I do”…they DON’T.

Can I get an “amen” on that guys?

I think if we were Brad Pitt, most would for the above reason, and also I think a highly aroused woman is more likely to swallow.

I think many women would do it to get some sort of advantage on the “swallowee”, either relationship, money, gifts…etc.

I KNOW some gals will do it to please their guys….God bless those gals.

But for most of us, who aren’t rich or famous…or single (read married) our women have no reason ( in their minds) to swallow except if they really like it or if they love us enough to want to please us.

I’m speaking from the experience of a male from the United States.

I suspect that maybe the wives from some other countries, where the men don’t lose half of everything they own if they divorce….probably swallow at a much higher rate than here….but I’m just guessing.

That might be a good thread to start to really piss off some of the American gals that read this forum. We could add slimness to that thread to really make sure! :)

Maybe a mathmatical forumula might work; the amount of oral sex and swallowing is inversely proportional to the degree the men of a country are pussywhipped….what do you think guys?

Oh yeah, by the way…one it comes to oral sex and swallowing…I’m one of the lucky ones! :)

It is also prevalent in porn to bring 3 or 4 of your friends over to help f*ck her. Also, all women like to be slapped during sex, DP’d, and want you to not wipe yourself clean when switching from ass to mouth for you’re cum shot (porn wouldn’t lie.) I expect she would be more likely to swallow if you started bringing other guys home, having then slap her and pull her hair while ass f*cking her, then jamming their feceas encrusted tools down her throat.

Alternately you can simply give her sex that is so amazing she will simply start swallowing on her own without prompting. I have never been in a relationship with a woman that didn’t swallow; but, I have never asked for them to swallow. Some of them hade never done this (and other things) with previous lovers but did with me. So give her sex that is a spiritual epiphany and she will start trying things on her own in an attempt to please you.

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I second Iamaru’s post. The man is vastly knowledgable and has visted Azathoth’s Court before. It is there that he gained inhuman insight into situations like this.

Women generally like to be lead, not negotiated with on a bed spead. Just bring about her inner whore/temptress/whatever and all will be fine. Every woman has one locked away, find the key, and virtual perpetual paradise of flesh shall be yours for the asking. “Peaches, can I please come in your mouth?” That doesn’t seem quite leading to me. Don’t think, don’t analyze, just do it!

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

So, I guess that you are saying that when I am about to cum, don’t say anything or do anything other than ram it in her mouth and let it rip. Also, when she tries to move away, hold her head on your cock until you finish? Please be more specific in reference to “leading her”.

Originally Posted by Iwant10inches

Anna, don’t you think that fact that this post has gotten such a good amount of responses tells you that this is something that is very important to men. I mean, I think that the notion that this is something that isn’t very vital to a healthy sexual relationship is bogus. What do you think?

Just want an intelligent females opinion, thanks

This is the first time I’ve seen this. Sorry for the months of delay.

What is important to a man won’t necessarily be important to a woman. It takes more of an effort to give a blow job than it does for a man to suck and lick on a clitoris. Most men suck at oral sex but want women to overwhelm them by sucking their dick. Women don’t wake first thing in the morning with the notion of having a dick in the back of her throat, nor does she got to sleep at night wishing she could have gagged on some sperm that taste like salt and whatever.

I don’t mind giving BJ’s but I don’t like that it has to be given ever damn day. I don’t like that it becomes so important that it can become a substitute for sex. I don’t like that there is pressure behind giving a BJ and swallowing. There had been numerous times that my husband didn’t want to have sex at all because I didn’t feel like blowing him. We are stubborn people so there could be months before we’d have sex all because of a BJ. Women don’t pressure men to go down on them…not that I know of. “You either perform oral on me or no sex for a month”. That bull. The importance differ from person to person, but some men make it like its life and death.

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I have not been with a lot of women but had a few blowjobs in my single days. I do have a lot of friends that like to talk however.

In anwer to your question, some girls just like to swallow. However, they are much fewer than the ones that don’t like it. As far as the porn stars, they do it for one big reason and that is $$$$$$$$$$$. Period. Money is what makes these girls swallow.

Originally Posted by lasting

No disrespect to Anna but I’m not so sure I’d disagree with Cap’n. No more bj’s is not a bad idea. The best form of discipline is being sent away. I think most partners, male or female do want to please the other. If she is not allowed to blow him, this just may be a wake-up call to her selfishness. Besides, who wants a partner that only gives up to the limit they want to give to. I prefer a partner that wants to please me and if I can’t get that, I don’t want to settle for less. Going without an unsatisfactory bj and having your pride is a better alternative, in my humble opinion.

No disrespect felt. In turn I do question your seriousness to your post. Let me see if I understand you correctly. A woman can suck your dick. Lick all over it and get you hard. She could even lick and suck your balls. Possibly finger your ass while taking you deep into her mouth, but it is all ruined if she ask you to squirt your spunk on parts of her body or on yourself, anywhere as long as it is not in her mouth? Honest to goodness, do you know how disgusting it can taste sometimes? Do you know how disgusting the thought can be. You are asking her to swallow fluids that have been ejected from your body. But let’s go back to taste. It’s not like milk and honey. It’s like salty boiled eggs or something at times. Try filling a glass with your spunk some time and then drink it quicklyor better yet, take it all into your mouth at once but don’t swallow right away. Wait until the glass is empty and then swallow it all. And while you are at it, have your mouth full of something at the time and drink the spunk through a straw. Like a pickle. Have the pickle rammed into the back of your throat and then gradually introduce this this fluid from your body to your mouth.

It’s not selfish to give a BJ and decide not to swallow. It is selfish to ask for your dick to be sucked and then get mad when she ask for a compromise. ‘I can suck your dick but I don’t want to swallow’. What a big sacrifice. Personally, if I love your dick, I would be eager to suck it. I’d even swallow more if you improve the taste and didn’t do things to ruin it, as most guys tend to do. But in turn if I say I don’t want to swallow, then accept it. I am not going to pretend that I am a queen of BJs but I have never, ever, had a complaint. And when I said I didn’t to swallow, it was disappointing to him for a while, but he accepted it, eventually and settled on the fact that I would pleasure him to the best of my ability.

In relationships you will have things you like and want sexually. I am into light bondage and have yet to have that need met. I don’t think my husband was selfish for not wanting to. I was annoyed but I accepted that it was something he wasn’t in to. I didn’t tell him, let me tie you up or no sex at all. Now that is selfish and will in

the end only cause problems more crucial then the absence of bondage. Everyone have priorities, but I don’t think many women will have their hearts broken if you said no more BJs. Now if you said you’d get them elsewhere, then there is a problem. But get a grip. You still get to ejaculate, just not in her mouth. But this is just my opinion. Many will disagree.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

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Originally Posted by Iwant10inches

So, I guess that you are saying that when I am about to cum, don’t say anything or do anything other than ram it in her mouth and let it rip. Also, when she tries to move away, hold her head on your cock until you finish? Please be more specific in reference to “leading her”.

That is a bad idea. But go ahead and try it and see what happens.

Guys do it a lot. To me, it expresses quite a few things. 1) You can’t respect me enough to let me decide if I want your spunk in my mouth. 2) I can suck your dick and bring you enough gratification to bring you to climax, but you can’t in turn give me enough courtesy as to not hold my head down on your cock as you cum in my mouth without permission. 3) When you suddenly have this fluid going into your mouth while you are already trying not to overwhelm yourself with your own saliva as you are sucking this man deeply, it causes you to automatically hold these fluid into your mouth. A mouth with a dick deep in it and then all this fluid causes you to gag. At least it does with me and you are suddenly forced to swallow at the same time that you are almost gagging, while you have this asshole holding your head down when you want to get his dick and that fluid out of your mouth before you begin to really choke. And then you swallow but you still feel the urge to gag and you are doing all you can not to vomit all over him while he is laying back feeling all kinds of wonderful.

This has happened several times to me and I always had my little talk afterwards about how that behavior is unacceptable. I won’t sit on your face while you are doing me and decide I’m going to pee on you. That’s just nasty and I can’t see the difference between the two. I know it’s not urine, but its about courtesy and respect given to your partner. If she has decided to blow you, and if she is good, don’t ruin it by forcing her to do anything that wasn’t previously discussed.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

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I probably am the minority in the male population here on this topic but I prefer to cum inside a snatch much more than in a mouth. I have had a few times when I blew the back of her head off while getting my helmet polished and quite frankly, after experiencing it, I found it was not all that great. Now cumming inside of her snatch is awesome. I push and thrust and grind and pound. It feels like I came all the way. But in the mouth, just laying there real still, it is still good, don’t get me wrong, but it is something I can easily live without. Now, please don’t missunderstand, I like a good BJ as much as the next guy. I get them often and appreciate them often. I am just not into cumming in her mouth and then kissing her for a thank you. Yuck. If she ever sucks me off and swallows it again, well, I am sure I will like it but I am not waiting anxiously for it.


You have issues with kissing her after she has pleased you?

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar


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