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What makes a woman swallow?

Thank you Anna,

nothing like a lady’s opinion (not just on this subject). It is highly appreciated. Would you talk to my wife?

I have done the sweet talk thing, have made her horny, have begged, cried (once) and nothing. She won’t swallow. I even tried the “protein” talk, knowing too well it would’nt work.

Actually she did swallow once, 4 years ago: I was eating her (I love giving oral), she was doing me, she came, I came, she swallowed! Ecstasy.

I’ve tried the same technique again and again (it is an issue for me, you know) and nothing.

Take care,


That’s beautiful imagery, Captn. I’d have to agree, though.

I don’t miss a drop when I’m on hers, so…….

Right on Cappy!

It’s time…..time I dragged my wife to the PC to read that post!

If that doesn’t change her mind, nothing will!

Forget my silly post Andrew. What you need to do is give her an ultimatum:

Either she swallows - or no more blow jobs!

I wouldn’t make that kind of ultimatum. :)

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

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Gee…umm, Thanks Cappy…..I think I may listen to Anna on this one :D

Anna, don’t you think that fact that this post has gotten such a good amount of responses tells you that this is something that is very important to men. I mean, I think that the notion that this is something that isn’t very vital to a healthy sexual relationship is bogus. What do you think?

Just want an intelligent females opinion, thanks

Originally Posted by annanimity
I wouldn’t make that kind of ultimatum.

Understood anna - but if it were tastefully done such a thing might be a lot easier to digest.

After nearly 25 years of marriage, I’m pretty sure that would backfire in a very unfortunate way, Captn. Let me check….

I just ran it by Mrs RBM, as a hypothetical situation, of course. It had the effect I expected. She’s with Anna. :)


Originally Posted by CaptnHook

if it were tastefully done such a thing might be a lot easier to digest

Haha :)

The Captain’s Hook is sharp as usual.

No disrespect to Anna but I’m not so sure I’d disagree with Cap’n. No more bj’s is not a bad idea. The best form of discipline is being sent away. I think most partners, male or female do want to please the other. If she is not allowed to blow him, this just may be a wake-up call to her selfishness. Besides, who wants a partner that only gives up to the limit they want to give to. I prefer a partner that wants to please me and if I can’t get that, I don’t want to settle for less. Going without an unsatisfactory bj and having your pride is a better alternative, in my humble opinion.


Very cool. I agree 100%. I simply wouldn’t want the blow job if my lovely wife didn’t swallow my offering.
Foreplay is a separate matter, but getting blown is about her introducing her knees to the floor and demonstrating devotion with that pretty pink mouth of hers. Why bother if that isn’t complete and total?
Me Tarzan, you Jane, baby. My stuff ain’t poison- it’s love potion.

1) Cease all pussy-eating immediately. Laugh at her when she asks for it.

2) Comment when you hear about other women you know that swallow, or see it on a movie. Tell them how hot it is and it’s shame that she don’t do that.

3) She will first play games, and try to say you ain’t getting any, but after a while, she will get forceful and angry.

At this point, you calmly tell her, if you ever want this tongue again, you will gobble down every drop.

Formerly known as Sex&Guns. R.I.P.

All I get is the foreplay type these days, so I couldn’t give Capn’s ultimatim at the moment. I’m working on her though. Swallowing is part of the deal for sure.

I like that MDC - tell her your giving her the dreaded “Captn’s Ultimatum”.

And guys, should any of this blow up in your face (so to speak) give her your most innocent look and blame me. That should get you off the hook.


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