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What makes a woman swallow?

I keep myself pretty shaved as well.

It was like the slut fairy had sprinkled magical BJ dust on her.

That provided a great visual

Originally Posted by Iwant10inches
What makes a woman swallow?

$$$ :p

Originally Posted by machtenx
I have to agree strongly with this, my girlfriend gave me the best anal of my life by far

I thought that christmas present was for her :D

Well, I guess because I am the a**hole that started this thread that I should share at least one of my “swallowing” experiences as well.

Before I met my wife, I started working with this girl that was in a “committed” relationship, but, according to her, she was very attracted to me. She told me that, and this is where it gets weird, although she wouldn’t cheat on her boyfriend, she wanted to taste my cum. I told her that I was ready to give her a sample at any time, and she said that there was no way that she was doing to give me a blow.

Instead, she came up with a better idea: why don’t I jack off in the morning and cum in a breakfast taco and bring it to work and give it to her. I guess she must have had a sour cream fetish. Anyway, I obliged and she said that she really couldn’t taste the cum mixed in with the carne guisada and that we would have to try something else.

I am still waiting for the something else.

I would say that you try a 69 and when you are about to shoot a load just pres down on her face, but you have to eat her load as well, preferably at the same time as you shoot yours

I agree with peterersellers - my wife is much more likely to swallow my load after I make her cum - with my mouth pressed into her pussy. She seems to love to give head and swallow after that. I use arginine, she doesn’t know it. I think that stuff really does work, she says my loads seem to be increasing in volume. She has never complained about the taste, in fact she really seems to enjoy it. I guess whether or not a girl swallows simply depends on whether or not she enjoys it.

I'm not really concerned...

as long as she takes it in her mouth she can do whatever she wants with it afterward…spit, or swallow it doesn’t matter.

My wife of 18 years was eager to please sexually but never swallowed, before we were married but promised to after we were married. Needless to say, almost 18 years went and the eagerness to please let alone the promise to swallow had faded. After alot of reading on submission, on the internet and yes, even in the Bible, I gave my wife a choice. Either she would start pleasing me more and richly satisfy my needs or she was free to go and find Mr. Right. She agreed to start satisfying. One of the first things I told her was that the prude was dead and that the slut in her was going to be freed. I put her through a training, not whips and chains, but of certain things she was to do daily, to be accountable and to be obedient. She was never to waste cum again. I do drink pineapple juice and it does help the taste but too much can make it bitter, according to her. She can even cum on my command. The point is, and I believe it to be true in nature as well, the female’s role is to treat the male as her King, and that if she truly wants to be treated as a Queen, she needs to give her best to her Master. Any decent male would be more than happy to treat his woman with respect and honor if she is willing to do her part. Not satisfying the man and using sex as a weapon only creates resentment and causes a problem in a relationship. Not taking care of the females emotional happiness does likewise. A woman swallowing is a great turn on to most men I know and a very small price to pay even if the woman doesn’t like doing it. It has to do with not being selfish and caring about the others happiness more than your own. My wife enjoys the fact that it gives me great pleasure as much as anything.

Sorry to ramble but hope this helps.

Get some health article about the incredible health bonuses of swallowing cum. If you can’t find one, write one and make a “health url” with f.ex. a *.tk domain and publish it.

The following head line would be profitable for your future oral sperm deposits:
“Swallowing makes you beautiful!”

“What makes a woman swallow”? I’d say that it’s wanting to please her man. At least that’s been my case for the past 25 years.


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Well, my wife has always swallowed. There have been few occassions when she hasn’t. She know I like to blow in her mouth so she is willing to do it for me. If you expect her to swallow you can’t get squimish when she wants to kiss you afterwards.

She says that the taste changes from time to time. In fact the only times that I can remember when she didn’t swallow in 14 years was after a meal with lots of garlic.

Hey Thunder,
Her reward was all the time and effort I put into training her. She really got into being the little slut for me. She would never have thought about anal before but she got to the point where she really had great orgasms from it. She learned that giving pleasure really pleased her as well as me. I did alot of research on this and it took alot of time but it has been time well spent.

Take care, Lasting

Originally Posted by riddick81
When I was single, I guess 1 out of 5 women would swallow my semen and really appeared to like it, even enjoy it. I’ve always drunk lots of water and usually have a glass of pineapple juice each morning - this may help the taste. I’ve tasted my own semen - not bad - like salty yogurt.
My wife got into it after watching porno for a year. She sort of acquired a taste for it - like
olives. Now after 45 years of marriage, she (80) craves the stuff - loves to rub it on her body, eat it, and rub it on her pussy. At my age (83), I cannot supply enough semen for her, so we have acquired several older, widowed men to contribute. They love it and even though some are impotence, she can still drain a semen load out of a soft cock. This was news to me. I always thought ejaculation could only occur through an erection - NOT so - with enough stimulation by an eager and caring woman, a flaccid penis can be made to ejaculate semen. It usually sort of just flows out of the penis steadily, no shooting. One guy is 88 and he emits a very large load - 15 ml. I usually give up about 8 or 9 ml. Sex is wonderful!

Congrats on 45 years of marriage. You are shining example of how one can still keep libido alive at your age. Is this swinging thing (several widowed men) something you always did with your wife or is it just a recent development in your marriage? Just curious to know.

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