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What is this? Peyronie's start / TVein or nothing?

What is this? Peyronie's start / TVein or nothing?

I still have this weird bump on the right-underside of my penis. It has been there for quite a while now and I don’t really know what I should think of it.

It’s probably not Peyronie’s from what German Stallion wrote, so that leaves the option of a thrombosed vein. I’m not too sure it’s that either. I know there’s a huge thread on TVein, but it’s mostly on what to do once you have it, haven’t seen too much on diagnosis. Could someone point me there a little bit?

There’s no pain and it actually doesn’t affect me at all - except for the visual imperfection.

It’s been there for quite a bit, maybe I should have it checked out.
Anyone with insight on this?

I added 3 pics to this post. Hopefully this worked and they will be released.

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People here do have lots of useful information but one thing I am always aware of is that for medical advice I seek a professional, if I have concerns about something then I make a appointment with my Doctor and ask them if they are not able to offer advice I ask them to refer me to a specialist. This is my personal opinion but its held true and good advice for my continued peace of mind.

Just thought I should offer that advice……….

Hi Sirkyle, I’ve noticed those on my shaft before.

I took some days off until it was gone. Better be on the safe side !

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