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What is the size of a magnum condom

What is the size of a magnum condom

I watched 40 year old Virgin, the movie, and he had used one like a glove, is it that big?

I’m afraid to buy one and feel extremely small

Trojan Magnums are 5.25” unstretched girth and work fine for anyone that size or larger to a point where a Magnum XL (5.5” girth) would be preferred.

That’s a surprise I’ve always believed they were bigger, normal ones always are tight on me

I don’t know my exact girth but it must be around 5.5 and a 5.8 will it fit?

It should work. Once you cross 6” an XL may be a better fit

If you’re that size, you’ll definitely like the Magnums better than regular size condoms.

Yes, the great thing about magnums (not the magnum XL’s), is that they are not really that much bigger, but the general public, and especially girls, thinks that they are. Thus, having a girl “accidentally” find your stash of magnums will have her thinking that you must be huge, when in fact you don’t have to be huge to wear them. I am 5.3 EG, and they fit fine, much more comfortable than regular condoms, and no slipping at all. The rule of thumb that I have heard is the toilet paper roll test. If you can’t fit your girth through a toilet paper roll, then you should be using large condoms. At 5.3, I am just barely too big to fit. Now from what I hear the XL’s, on the other hand, are genuinely huge.

Magnums are a lot larger than regular condoms, about 1/2” unstretched girth. Magnum XL’s are only 1/4” unstretched girth bigger than a Magnum. I used Magnum XL’s when I was 5.75” girth and had no issues to complain about. Seriously, they are not huge.

My girth, when fully erect, can break the toilet paper roll. Anyone knows how big are them XL’s.

Originally Posted by JuliusCeasar

My girth, when fully erect, can break the toilet paper roll. Anyone knows how big are them XL’s.

Uhh, you did read the other responses here, right? Like the one where MDC states clearly that….oh, nevermind.

Splurge the $2, buy one of each and give it a go.

I never had tried them thinking ‘no way’- but as a goof I picked them up and damn if they don’t feel a whole lot better. My wang looks like a ball park frank in a regular and I never knew another way.

Never again. Magnums forever.

And as noted above and by myself elsewhere- when she sees the box, she gets primed to let go because they perceive that’s what women do with a big dick.

Toilet rolls aren’t uniform, even within a brand- splurge another $2 and buy a tape measure.

$4 and you’ll know so much more- cheap knowledge at twice the price.

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I’ll be damned. I never knew toilet paper rolls were so small around. I just put mine (4.9” EG) thru a Kleenex Cottonelle roll, and it was a nice gentle fit. It’s nice to know I don’t have that far to go before a Magnum becomes appropriate for me.

Wait wait a second.. I’m still a virgin so you’ll have to bear with me.. Just preparing for that first time y’kno? But my girth right now.. If I’m measuring correctly.. Is at least 5.8 inches.. If not an all around does that mean normal condoms are too small for me?

If that’s the case, you’re a fortunate man, my friend. Mine is rather smaller than that, but I can tell you that a normal-size condom would be a little constrictive on you. You might want to get a single Magnum and a single Magnum XL, try them both on (one at a time), because you’re in what I understand is the “gray-zone” between them. Both should fit, it just depends on how tight you like it.

Most people have no clue about the size of a Magnum XL. It’s only 2 millimeter wider at the base than a standard condom, and 1.5 centimeters longer. The only place where a magnum is much bigger than a regular condom is at the top, where it’s 1.3 centimeters wider. Most guys with a normal girth can wear XL’s.

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

^^ I’ll be damned again. Thanks for that bit of info, PD. Although, I think I’ll not be buying XLs until I gain significantly. Wouldn’t want to get the ladies’ hopes up.

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