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What do you ejaculate into after masterbating?


What do you ejaculate into after masterbating?

Hey there,

Since I first started masturbating I have been using old dirty socks that I found in my closet that were missing the other of the pair, and would hide them at the head of my bed behind my computer tower. After it became too crusty/nasty I would sneak it into the garbage without detection. This has of course caused my room to always have a constant odor of dried ejaculation, and people would always comment that my room smelled but it didn’t bother me much. I guess I was just used to it. So recently, my brother’s girlfriend came over and she refused to go into my room. I realized that If I was to ever get a girl of my own I would have to change my ways. I cleaned my room, changed the sheets, threw out my latest jizz rag, and bought some Glade Plug-in scents (which work wonders). The problem is now that I have ran out of socks, and I don’t know what to use. I think it is too obvious to keep a box of tissues on my desk, I don’t want to give people the idea that I masturbate all the time. What do you recommend as a covert way to do my dirty work, and have the evidence sealed and easily hidden into the trash? Any tips are greatly appreciated, thanks!

I am a sports bettor so I tear up the junk magazines that the sportsbooks send and ejaculate into them and throw them in the trash

I cum on myself and clean up with baby wipes. I orgasm too hard to try and aim it.

I do it in the washroom and take a bath afterwards. Wouldn’t it be way better if you do it that way?

Well, I like to watch pornography on my computer in my room while I masturbate.

Sorry, Sizbill, but can’t you use toilet paper or napkins or anything like, and then throw them in the W.C. (maybe the day after) ? :O

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Let me get this straight: You think it’s less suspicious to leave jizz-plastered socks lying around than have some crinkled tissues in your trash can?? Try spraying the trash with a couple squirts of Lysol (or an equivalent… cheap-ass cologne works too) if you’re worried about the smell.

Well I just don’t want any evidence of such activity in plain site. Crumpled up tissue balls in my trashcan while not sick with a cold is a clear indicator of what I have been up to late at night… :)

A lot of people blow their nose every day, regardless of whether they have a cold. I always have some snot build-up in the morning needing release. Besides, there are other uses for tissue besides jizz-mopping and nose-blowing. I’ll sometimes use a bit of tissue to wipe grease off my face (before heading out) or to clean up food or drink I spilled.

I watch pornography a lot but I never take off my clothes (very strict about this).I wear very loose clothes, when I have finished watching (my dick is sooo hard by then) ,I go to the bathroom and masturbate and then ejacuate.

I also used to jerk to porn (oh and try to cut the habit a little, just a little advice) but only when I was HOME ALONE, and I ejaculated on myself and then went to the bathroom to clean up.

You guys are all nuts.

If I’m wanking (rare) then I will do it onto my desk*. Just mop it up from there with tissues, roll it into a nice clean ball and stick the ball in your pocket and flush it down the toilet when you next go (You should piss after you cum every time anyways). That solves ALL issues. I am a fucking genius.

*Required: a desk or equivalent. Also, tissues and a dick if you want to knit pick.

Learn to cum internally and save ejaculation for sex. Or ejaculate into a cup and drink it if you must.

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I ejaculate on my hand then thoroughly wash my hands. Also you could throw the tissues down the toilet if you must. That works as well.

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I just cum on myself and dry it all up instead. I don’t care if people see my trashcan filled with toiletpaper all the time :) .

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