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What do you ejaculate into after masterbating?


Haha thanks for your replies guys, I think I will try the flush-em-down-the-toilet technique, sounds promising.

Originally Posted by slzbll

Well I just don’t want any evidence of such activity in plain site. Crumpled up tissue balls in my trashcan while not sick with a cold is a clear indicator of what I have been up to late at night… :)

They already know you do it. ;)

My wife’s vagina usually catches my semen. But when I jack off she is usually present and takes it in her mouth - so no disposal problem…


There is an easy way to ensure no mess.

Before you start to masturbate, rest your body against a wall, so you are propping yourself up upside down. Proceed to masturbate and aim for your mouth.

You may of course miss, but with practice you should be able to improve your aim.

P.S. I don’t do this.

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Grab some kleenex from the bathroom, take them into your room. Bust a nut into the kleenex, go back to the bathroom, piss and flush the kleenex.

Don’t do Slacks method. :D

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Originally Posted by slzbll
Hey there,

Since I first started masturbating I have been using old dirty socks that I found in my closet ….. After it became too crusty/nasty I would sneak it into the garbage without detection. This has of course caused my room to always have a constant odor of dried ejaculation,

This is funny, man.

What, you can’t get a woman to wash your socks once you’ve splayed them!

I don’t ejaculate. I just use my PC muscles and hold it in. Sperm Retention(tm). ;-) If you’re worried and the mess, can’t you just masturbate in the shower?


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