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What do women want from a man?

What do women want from a man?

I always here this question but no one not even a woman can really answer it. Oh yeah they say things like, a nice guy, smart and fun to be with. Never the dirty stuff like a big cock, hot hard body and lots of money.

Why is that? I mean how different can a guys answer be to the same question? Lets see I am guy so I will ask myself. Comfortinme what do you look for in a woman? Well let me see, Not to smart, big tits, nice ass and…….uhhhhhhhhhh yeah thats it. Strange how the 2 sexes can come to such a different answer huh? We are at birth and before puberty the same. But something changes in us as we grow older and come involved with the other sex. Now I have heard hormones cause it. Maybe? but I doubt that very highly. I have been on the down side of a testosterone and steroid cycle for wieght lifting and I may of had more estrogen pumping through my veins then any woman in history but I still knew I liked women with big tits and nice asses. So why didnt I turn all girly and say I want a nice woman who is smart and funny and is fun to be with? Probably because I was not born to be like that. yes its true people women in the western world are more free and sexually active then us men. I think you guys understand what I mean by that so I wont go into it.

How could this happen? Well lets look at our eastern brothers in yes the middle east. Where women here have a choice of any men they want, on the other side of the world women are cast into almost slavery. They are arranged to marry what more then likely will be a fat hairy ugly man. And he will torment her for thier whole marriage until she dies. Sounds fun ladies huh? Women here used to be treated almost the same way. Husbands could kill their woman for a lot of reasons. They could beat women silly to when they came home drunk or whenever. Thats almost the whole reason why alcohol was illegal here once. Women help lobby that because they were tired of being treated like shit. So I can see just from that brief example on where the whole nice man thing came from. Because back then you didnt give a rats ass who he was as long as he didnt beat your ass he was “fun to be with”. But now things are different. You call your wife a bitch and thats verbal abuse and it can be grounds for a divorce which you will lose and lose everything in the process. So when you here a woman say she wants a nice, funny, smart guy. Just remember what I told you here today. You will at least know why she says that and where it came from. I have no clue why I wrote this, just bored I guess.

I must be shallow because I don’t want anything from a man. Oh, that’s not shallow. What is to me is turning a man down because his left foot might be a millimeter bigger than the right. Or he has a dick a quarter of an inch smaller than what I want. Or that he is balding or a little over weight. Or perhaps he doesn’t have a house. He doesn’t have a platinum card. He’s not 6’ or taller. His voice is not deep. What I want can’t come from a man. What a man can add to my life is companionship. A friendship. He can be my lover. He can be my very own comedian. I can be his shoulder. I can be his light. He can be mine as well. I don’t want anything more from a man than I can give to him. Anything more is a perk. No, I don’t want a man who takes a few minutes moving fat out the way to find his dick. No, I don’t want someone who rides on personality alone. Realistically, I have to be attracted to him. Surprisingly enough, a good mind, a warm soul and a loving heart can go a long, long way. If all else falls; he gains weight, he becomes crippled or physically injured where his looks are taken away, I know I still love him for what was on the inside that came through brighter than anything else. If he has a lot of money, man, that would be terrific. Yet, I have never been really materialistic and never to think I look any better than what my heart deserves. So if someone really asked me what I want from a man…it’s to love and be loved.

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Well said Anna, well said.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

The best women (and men) have humor, are thoughtful and not just about themselves, offer criticism only in constructive ways, make potentially excellent parents, can be playful at times like kids are, they listen hard, they take good care of themselves, and they are interested.

Beyond that, how the bodies fit is a matter of total personal preference.

anna said it good.



Dear Anna. That was a great post (eyes watering) just when I thought I lost all hope in women. There are still a few good ones out there. Thanks for making my day!


Nice post.

You are definitely one in a million!


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.


I think that you’ve got your priorities straight. I think that too many people, of both sexes “want something” from their partner in some sort of egotistic and self serving way. My goal has always been to find a woman who will be my partner in all phases of life — an equal in every way — and someone who will help me be a better man while I help her to be a better woman. Do I want that to be someone I am attracted to? Of course, but there are many deeper levels to attraction which have nothing to do with looks or status. All these deeper levels are the key to a relationship and that is what I desire. It is rare thing to find such a woman, and it impossible to be in a relationship that does not have it’s tests of strength. I for one am looking for that someone who can handle these things and won’t run away when things get tough or they have to expose their vulnerabilities. So, no, not all men are shallow, nor do we all want that sexy blond with the long legs and the body of a goddess. And, if I thought that is what women wanted from men, I would have given up years ago.


A nice personality, sense of humor, someone with a good heart. Thats all. Penis size doesnt matter.

Who the fuck knows!!!

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