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Went to the std clinic last wednesday. I have NSU


I don’t think she swallows, I’ve never gotten off from a blowjob anyways, she is really good though, best I’ve had.

What about me recatching the infection from her? Is that likely since we’ve only done that once 2 weeks ago?

Thanks westla

The antibiotics should take care of it. There’s little chance of catching it again.

I’m pretty sure you can get a UTI without any kind of sexual activity. It might of been from the mayo you used to wack off with or something.

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You can get many infections in the bladder and in the anus that are not defined as STD’s. If the clinic does not know what it is then it is more likely a natural infection, that might even go away by itself.

To an extent it’s like having a cold. you get it and it runs its course.

If the clinic had said it was a known std that would be another matter. All they have done is to take a swab that had some bacteria that grew in controled . but conducive conditions.

To tell your girl that you have been to a clinic and shown positive will suggest to her that you HAVE had an STD. And that would be just as bad as having one

I don’t know how the woman can be sure it is an STD if she doesn’t know what it is.

I’ve had infections in my penis which in fact were caused by kidney stones and the infection just travelled down into my bladder. (This is NOT to say that you might have a kidney stone) You might just have a chill in your belly

The infection may still be around for a day or two after you have taken the last of the pills so it migh be worth holding back for two or three days.

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And just as an added thought,

You (and all of us) must remember that doing PE can cause mild inflammation and the odd infection from that.

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Ok, well I haven’t had any sexual contact since then.

I think its bad that the nurse told me it was an std and that I need to tell all of my previous partners to get tested. I’ve talked to two of the other nurses at the clinic and they both said its nothing to worry about, but to be careful with my partner, as in not get blowjobs right away to avoid getting infected. Which is not an issue anymore because I broke it off with the girl. The first nurse didn’t explain it at all, and I feel sorry for any others guys that go in there and have a UTI.

Did you break it off with her to avoid telling her?

You said she was going to go get tested… so how would she have any right getting mad at you for getting tested and telling her the truth?

Might I advise not doing anything with any partner without first discussing sexual history or at least asking when the last time they got tested was. No sex is so good it’s worth getting an STD for.

Yes, I can just see it now.

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Can I pop the question now? You ask.

Yes! Yes! she murmers her eyes half closed as she waits expectantly.

When did you last go to the clinic for a check-up?

She gets up dreamily gives you a swift kick in the groin and leaves you to it.

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I did not break it off with her because I had a uti. It was several other reasons, first off, half the time we were together, we both drank. Apparently she changes into a very rude hateful person when she drinks, she was bossing me around and yelling at me half the time. She’d also tell me crazy shit that she’d deny later, she told me she was doing certain things to make sure I knew what my place was and that she had control of the relationship(even though we weren’t even dating according to her).

She had been going out with this guy from her hometown, lives an hour away, for the past 2 years. She broke it off with him finally because she said there was no spark, she hadn’t kissed him in the past 5 months before she met me. But she wouldn’t tell him that she moved on and met me. This guy was actually planning on marrying her, they had talked about it quite a bit. He had never been in any previous relationships, wasn’t very good with females.

It was very confusing. She kept on telling me I’m the perfect guy, still says this. 2 weeks into it, i think 5 days after I got tested, she told me that she thought we should just be friends because she was feeling guilty messing around with me while her ex was miserable. We started getting real close again 4 days later. Then she starts being hateful the next time she drank, I told her but she wouldn’t listen. The next time, last thursday, I said i wasn’t gonna put up with it anymore, one of her friends actually told her that she was being a real bitch and was about to lose a good relationship. I told her the next day that I thought we should take it easy, back off, she wasn’t real nice about it. She ends up at the same party saturday night asking why i’ve been avoiding her,etc. I try to explain i’m tired of all the arguements(I’m horrible at argueing, just goes in circles). Anyways she’s drunk and ends up making out with me later, stupid mistake. So i’m right back where i was a week later. Have to tell her sunday that I did mean what I said and we weren’t back together.

I think she has couple screws loose in her head. She also stole money from one of my brother and I’s good friend, who got extremely pissed about it, didn’t seem to bother her it created such a fuss.

I really don’t know how to handle this, I do still like her, I really like the good parts about her.

As far as the std testing goes, I don’t think its an issue, the bacteria probably left her mouth a while ago if it was ever there.

Looks like the bad outweighs the good and speaking from experience- run, she’ll say she can change… odds are she can’t without professional help so do her the favor of telling her she needs some, she’ll hate you for it but if she is lucky eventually she will get some… but don’t hang around to see if it happens.

There are plenty of girls out there with just as many if not more “good parts” and a LOT fewer bad parts. Your too young to get into a serious “project girl” get one with low miles that may just need an oil change to run right- not one that needs a engine rebuilt, new tires, battery, paint, upholstery, etc.


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