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Weird erection. flaccid head while hard rock shaft

I had a very similar problem. Read some of my posts. I had a venous leak which was embolized, now my head remains nice and full. A cock ring is a temporary solution.

I noticed I began getting this problem also. My head no longer inflates like it once did when I was younger. This began about a year or two ago, am I too late to get fixed?

Originally Posted by Yataghan50
I had a very similar problem. Read some of my posts. I had a venous leak which was embolized, now my head remains nice and full. A cock ring is a temporary solution.

Can you please tell more about the ebolizing process?


Conquering my goals.

Yes, please expound on the embolization. My understanding was that surgery to repair venous leakage in the penis was rarely done anymore as the results were almost never satisfactory in the long term. Please explain your situation/procedure - I’m interested as I have this same problem (soft head).

I have the same problem and I am really not happy when I see peoples gains with huge heads :( I don’t want to see a doctor but even after a good jelq session, my whole dick is bigger except my head :(

Please tell me if anyone has found a solution other than visiting a doctor.

Holy smacks, I have this issue. Can I get an elaboration please?

I have a feeling for some this is a negative PI and with any luck will be temporary. However, it can also be a legitimate problem.

With me personally .. the best way I can describe it is that it felt like my kegel ‘muscle’ was completely disconected from my dick, but more specifically glans. I would kegel, whether it be flaccid or a mongrel of a semi, and wouldn’t feel a thing. My penis wouldnt slightly ‘bounce’ or retract. Glans would not slightly expand and go down. I just had no feeling. Very small soft glans. Erections didnt happen spontaneously, no morning wood etc etc. It just didn’t feel like a sexual organ.

Then I discovered if I placed my finger directly on the big vein in my shaft, I could kegel. My glans did fill, they actually felt nice to rub, etc etc. I was told by a number of urologists that nothing could be done, but evenually I found someone. They injected dye into that one vein, and confirmed blood was gushing out of it. So, I had the vein embolized. Now things are much better. Anyone want to know more specifics feel free to PM.

Was there one specific incident you think contributed or caused this?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Nop.. pretty sure I did it to myself as a child ‘experimenting’.

Thanks dude.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

The CS has continued blood draining through open veins during erection, keeping it spongy (I think that’s why it’s called the corpus spongiosum). By the way this is not the venous leak that you probably have heard about. This is normal physiology. The distal (or far) end of the CS is the glans. As erection builds, the blood flow increases as well, but until complete erection, a lot of blood shunts from arteries to veins (to be technical it acts like a ateriovenous fistula) which then drains from the penis. This keeps the glans less than engorged and not that hard. At near complete erection, the increased blood engorgement occurs, there is blood congestion so that blood drainage decreases and the head reaches its erect size and hardness.

Maybe our EQ is not great enough for our CS’s to begin to expand. I disagree with sparkyx on our interpretation of Pud’s diagnosis.

Wow, looks like there’s a lot of young members having different degree’s of venous leakage; I myself had one, and following Yataghan50’s advice I had a procedure to fix this, all I can say is, now I know what’s to have a rock hard full erection.

There’s still some issues, but I’d rather open a new thread to write about this and give some details about the procedure, rehab, and overall feelings about this.


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