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Weird Cord-Like Thing


It’ll likely come back as a permanent or repetitive fixture to your cock. If no pain/inflammation, don’t worry about it.



Originally Posted by electron
OK, apparently it’s a vein. I saw it again the other night and it’s a squiggly vein that is coming up to the surface making itself visible. It wasn’t as stressed out or “stretched as tight” as it was before, but it was still fairly pumped up, like a tire with 20 or 30 PSI of pressure in it. Feeling it, I could tell it’s the “same thing”, not something different next to it or anything. It was snakey too, not stretched in a straight line like before. I never knew a blood vessel would take pressure like that without just blowing up or something. That’s a new one on me.

Hey electron I also have exactly what you have now after going a bit too hard at uli’s and trying to work base girth. The pearl effect is due to the valves in the vein backing up with blood I think. It’s not that the vessel is under pressure either, rather it is the pressure as it has filled with blood that has clotted. It’s not nice at all and I will be away from actual PE until May at least. Good luck.

Nope, no pain or anything, I didn’t feel anything different at all. I didn’t even notice it this time until I looked down and saw it there. No pain, no swelling.

It’s just like “there’s this new vein that’s there” that wasn’t there before. It disappeared again the next day for the most part.

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