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Weird, Balls lift when holding kegels.


Weird, Balls lift when holding kegels.

Tonight as I did my routine and started to do some kegels. I looked down to see how hard my cock was getting but noticed as I pulled a kegel two things would happen. One was expected my penis became more engorged but then what amazed me was further down, each time I held or a kegel my balls would lift. It wasn’t due to normal movement they would honestly react to each kegel I never noticed it before. Try it yourself and see if it happens to you. Everyone else may have noticed already but I never have.

Thanks For All Your Help

This is possibly what the practicioners of IRON PENIS are looking for in order to be able to pull the testes up and out of the way of a groin kick. Understanding Chinese Penis Hanging The body naturally has to be able to control testes location as well. It pulls closer to or away from the body to maintain temperature etc to maintain sperm health and production.

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Some guys can do this, others can’t. It’s not that unusual.

I noticed this too.

That is basically a normal, healthy physiological response .

Don’t tell me you have never had a physical, and been asked to bend over and cough while some strange Doctor cupped your nuts ?

I noticed I could do this when I was about 14. Thought everyone could do it.

I’m 45 and I can do it.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I can’t do it, but it’s not making me feel like anything is wrong.

Interesting. I guess I just assumed everyone’s testes raised slightly during a kegel contraction. Viva la difference! :shrug:

I can pull my nuts all the way inside, always thought something was abnormal about it.


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did you never have the ‘cough test’ at school??? The nurse would have you stand up, and ask you to cough - your nuts are healthy if they raise up briefly during the cough. If they don’t, then you’re… unhealthy down there, not sure how!! I can raise my balls up just by thinking about it, without doing kedgels just by raising them, but it also happens when i do kedgels. In fact you probably don’t notice,but right before you cum when you’re having sex they raise up, and hold against your abdomenl ready to blow your load.

Totally normal and perfectly healthy - be worried if you can’t raise them!!

The ‘cough test’ is a check for a hernia, it’s not about the testicles. I think it would be very unusual for a nurse, especially a school nurse, to be doing that kind of exam. Perhaps things are different in the UK.…aleGenitals.htm

Yep I can also do this.

Sounds like a pretty normal function to me. The cremasteric reflex (which you can test by running a fingertip down the inside of your thigh), does the same thing. Not sure how the kegels are involved, but probably related to muscle contractions in the entire perianal area involving the same group or set that lifts the testes.

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