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Weaker erections since starting Propecia


PM me the link to the hairlose forum if it’s worth the time TIA.

Also, I’ve been using Fin for 2 months now:

This maybe just me, but I ejaculate in about 1/10th the

time it used to take for me while masterbating…

Originally Posted by Tyler22
What? Never heard of that before. Tell us the link to one or several studies confirming it “gets your hair back” what I believe NO medicine is able to do, since if you lost your hair 20yrs ago, the follicles are so degenerated that they produce only thin, transparent hairs.

It has an unnamed androgen inhibitor (probably saw palmetto I would guess), biotin, zinc, and an unnamed vasodilator. All mildly helpful I suppose but nothing groundbreaking.

Originally Posted by UlcasterDropout
PM me the link to the hairlose forum if it’s worth the time TIA.
Also, I’ve been using Fin for 2 months now:
This maybe just me, but I ejaculate in about 1/10th the
time it used to take for me while masterbating…

I also tend to ejaculate earlier than before. That can be embarassing, coz it’s like you had premature ejaculation. Can anybody explain how that can come from Fin?

I hadn’t heard of premature ejaculation being caused from finasteride. But with masturbating, I can usually last as long or as short as I’d like. I think there might have been a time after I started fin where I didn’t last as long as before, but I’m back to normal now. I’ve been on it for over a year now.


I was on propecia for a year. Like you I was trying to maintain the hair I had and maybe regain some of the lost ones mainly over the forehead. Like anyone else taking this type of medication I was very worried about what it would do for my erections and libido.
For the fist two weeks, both of them diminished. That drove me nuts and almost quit the stuff. However, right after that came a period where I was very busy and had no time to think about it and my erections, night woods and libido came back. My wife who teased me at fist about possible side effects was very pleased and so was I.
Definetly it was a psychological thing, I was so worried about what might happen that it actually did.
Nonetheless, I would check with a doctor about dossage, it is clear that different people have different results.
In my case, I finished my year of treatment with none whatsoever.

This is simply to clearify that drugs that don’t work for you are not necessarilly poissonous like is has been implied in many replies.

I agree though that potence is more important than hair, which does not mean that hair does not help!!!

That’s great information that you give me! I think, that it’ll be the same for me and that I’ll be able to last longer again, also due to PE. I think most Propecia-relative side effects diminish a lot over time, when you are over a year into the treatment. I’m now approx. 7-8 months into it.

You mentioned a very important topic. I think psychology is indeed of high relevance when regarding those errection issues. Like I said above, I’m sure that side effects will be reduced over time.

Have you quit Propecia? Because you write you were on it for one 1 yr? Why quit it, if results where good?

My doctor told me not to take Propecia.

I had ED because of Propecia. And I wouldn’t take L-Arginine just to get my normal libido and hardness back. I got a bottle of Nox2 and I take it occasionally to boost my performance for PE.

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.


Propecia definetly causes 3 major problems for me:
- Lack of libido
- Only getting 60-90% erection , that also very infrequently
- No stamina, coming within 5 mins

I definetly know it is propecia because evertime I go off it for a month all three problems disappear. I’m looking into possible replacements for propecia in forums

5% Topical Spiro cream and 2% Nizoral. Apply the cream to a hydrated scalp before going to bed and use the shampoo 3x a week and leave it on for 5 minutes each clip.

Good luck.

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

I’ve been taking 2.5mg Finasteride daily since 2002 and never had erection problems. I’m 27 now.


Did you find that 2.5 mg of Fin worked better for you than 1.25?

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

I took 1.25mg for 4 1/2 years then switched to 2.5mg along with a higher percentage of minox and started using a copper based shampoo. With this, I’ve noticed more regrowth and stronger hairs. On a scale of 0-10 where 0 is bald and 10 is all my hair back, full and thick, the hair loss areas (temples and crown) are at about a 4 with this regiment. With 1.25mg and 5% minox, it was a 3.


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