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What are some causes of having an orgasim that compared to others wasn’t up to par? I know that stress is one but what are some other reasons? I experienced one from masturbation after not going at it for a week? I figured it would be great but it was just sub-par. Maybe it was from edging days leading up to? Probably a dumb question but I figured I could get some good answers.

FWIW I notice that if I edge for days at a time, it actually DECREASES my BPEL due to the fact that I can’t hang on long enough to get there. But supposedly, some people don’t do well with edging as it can give too much strain on the prostate.


Is there a differance between blue balls and edging or are they the same thing?

I would think arousal levels might be a factor, getting desensitized from to much porn has made me have under par ejaculations in the past. I would bet if a awesome babe was stroking your meat instead of you, it would be different.

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