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Weak erections at 31

Weak erections at 31

For some reason I have never had very strong erections. Quite honestly, as far back as puberty my erections have never been “rock hard”, as they say. I seem to have no problems getting an erection, and masturbating, but holding an erection during sex or fellatio has always been an issue. I am relatively very healthy, not really overweight, and somewhat athletic. I don’t know if I would even classify my problem as ED, but I would be really like to have much firmer, longer lasting erections.

I have been doing kegels on and off over the last few years, and seen very little results. Now granted I may not have been doing them enough or aggressively as I need to. The only noticeable change I have seen have been in my ejaculations. But still, nothing “hard” enough to write home about.

Can anyone offer some insight or advice for me? A solid, proven routine to suggest would be great!


That’s not a rare thing, Zip-lock; even from guys younger than you.

Lots of things can cause that. Most common among them is penile arterial insufficiency (the cavernosal chambers don’t fill entirely) and venous leakage wherein blood comes in just fine, but it drains out quicker than you can get fully hard.

There’s a test for both; easy and painless. Go to a good urologist and get checked out.

Just curious: Have you ever used any of the PDE5 drugs - Viagra, etc.? If so, did you see a difference from what is normal for you?



Acocet8, thanks for the reply!

I have tried Cialis and Viagra a couple of times. I definitely noticed a quicker and longer lasting erections, but I can’t say they were much “harder”. What does this mean?

Also, if I do have penile arterial insufficiency and/or venous leakage, are there any safe and effective treatments for this? I would like to think there would be something a urologist could do if they can at least identify the problem.

Thanks again,

Important, first, to identify the problem. Much better to know for sure what you are dealing with than to speculate, and worry :) .



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