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Want to PE again but I'm on Warfarin for life W.C.I.D

Want to PE again but I'm on Warfarin for life W.C.I.D

Got a DVT about a year and half back. Managed to form new superficial clots while on Warfarin, so I became a blood thinner lifer.

I want very badly to return to PE. I have an old dog post history here. Mainly about the injury I got while PE’ing with weights. I know now for fact that I tore my suspensory ligament. I have no upward strength to my erections. My penis hangs down when fully erect, pointing to the ground.

I want to PE again, but any kind of trauma to vascular structures will make me bleed and unlike regular folks- I won’t stop bleeding. Jelq’ing is dangerous, hanging was an issue before this, because I have no suspensory lig strength and whatever lig/connective structure that lies behind that that hurts like hell when it’s trying to deal with the pulling forces caused by weight hanging. That would be the gootch area I talk about.

I don’t know what I can do, but I want my damn 7 1/2 inch dick back. It’s somewhere slightly over 6 1/2, and if I get really fucking hard it will just reach 7. I’ve lost some of that length and I want to get it back and I want to make it thicker as well. Are there any doctors here, any ideas of what I can do, so I am safe or safer than the average guy doing this shit. The boat is totally different for me than others because of the damn blood thinners.

I’ve thought about using a penis pump- since old timers on the BT’s use them, but again I have to be more careful than the average male or I could do some serious damage, and since my healing time is twice as long as normal people I could cause permanent damage if the vascular area gets messed with where as a normal guy would just heal. Leaky veins of whatever they call it. I’m a no bullshitter. I just want some sound advise. There has to be a way to continue PE while on blood thinners. I really believe that but I have to be so damn careful I have to prevent the stresses and keep them low.

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You already know what the answer is. This is no safe way to do PE again.

Sometimes life deals you a shitty hand and you just have to play the game anyway.

There are many things in life that are much more important that trying to make your dick bigger. You already have an above average size. Move on and focus your energy on living healthy and safely.

Too bad doctors frown on this subject. It would be nice to just talk about it to a doc, explain what routines are tried and see if at all any he would not recommend per say but maybe see as being less dangerous for me to muck around with. I know old timers on BT’s do the pump’s but there is a very specific way that they have to use them. They can only use the pump long enough to get erect so they can band off and have sex. Longer periods in the tube will cause bleeding- where as a normal person who has clotting factors in full control doesn’t have to worry about that like someone on BT’s does. I’ve been down about this for nearly a year now. Time to man up and deal I guess.

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