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Voice deepening?


Voice deepening?

Well guys,

I did a search and I note we haven’t discussed voice deepening here much.
Is it even possible to do? I’ve always had a fairly high voice and I’m curious if there’s anything that can be done about it? (I doubt there’s any clamping techniques which would work - hah!)

Anyone even considered this on here?

I was also interested in the subject, and from my humble research on the net it seems that there are ways. There are exercises that you can do, just google it.

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Have you had any luck?

Drink whiskey, smoke cigars and sing along to death metal. You will have a sexy gravelly voice akin to that of Lemmy from motorhead in no time…

I used to sing in amateur opera -Bass and my voice gradually went deeper. I can still sing low C, and grunt down to bottom G not realuy musical though. fFom there up 3 octave sto G but it’s a bit squeaky.

I haven’t sung in opera for years now so there isn’t as much power as there used to be. In the army I could out shout any Sergeant Major But an idiot dentist put paid to that.

The thing to remember is to sing from the stomach (not the belly) Tighten that and the throat lower end and it gives a better sound. (with practice :)

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Yeah, I want to start practising it…supposedly
it’s 15 minutes a day of voice exercise, for 3 weeks. But I can’t get myself to start.
Here’s the link, if it’s ok with the mods:…oes_A_Long_Way_

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Not much you can do to deepen voice. There has to be a physical change (damage, scarring, smoking, ETOH abuse etc) to the larynx for this to happen. Your voice is your voice until you die.

My voice did not ‘drop’ till my early 20s. Maybe age?

I am 31.

If you practice talking or singing as low as you can, you will eventually be able to hit lower and lower notes.

Maybe just talk lower all the time and it will eventually become habit.

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I tried similar exercises in the past, makes a slight difference.

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There are a bunch of exercises used as theater games warm-ups that help your voice find it’s natural register— your ‘relaxed’ voice

Think of it as that ‘morning after’ voice— you wake up after some amazing first night whoopie with a new bed mate and say “good morning”— remember how deep and relaxed the timbre of your voice was?


That popped up near the top of a search for ‘voice warm up exercises’— I would suggest that you look for other material that is directed at public speaking or actors
Many of then will be directed at diction— always useful— but there are simple techniques to drop your register and loosen your throat, such as dropping sighs, starting high and dropping as you exhale, sometimes coupled with physical dropping over from the waist.

The trick is that like PE or gym work, you must do them regularly to truly find and maintain that relaxed voice

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Chicken, did the program work out for you?

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AAS will deepen your voice. But that would be beyond stupid to even think about using them.

take some of mine.. my voice is annoyingly deep even though its not even fully developed

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