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Virgin be good and wait

Virgin be good and wait

I waited until I got married tp the love of my life. We came very close to doing it once by her sister’s home while babysitting, did not have condom and respected my girlfriend very much, catholic.both,, so we waited, did heavy petting and it was worth the wait to wedding night, during honeymoon made love very time we could. It was outstanding. Was married 32 years until my dear wife died in 1995. So trust and find that special one and every thing will fall into place.

Hey Poppa

God Bless ya bro, sounds like you had one special lady.


good for you man. You found a good person and did not have to compromise your principles.

thanks poppa, reminds us young guys that there is a chance for true love. I hope your well and that you are happy


Thanks for the beautiful story. Life doesn’t always have to be about immediate gratification. Some things of value are worth waiting for.


Good on you mate.!!!

Well i am only just 18 and i am in love with my girl big time and dont wona be with anybody else but i think i will have to leave her in about a year, because i am going to university 500 kilomerters away. I dont know what i am going to do, I love her and want to be with her but i dont want to be stuck in this small town all my life and have a crap job. looks like i will have to get over her :(

Yer and we havent had sex yet either, getting there but i dont want to force her oh well



Jim, you are still very young and your whole life is ahead of you, you don’t know what college will hold for you. Be optician. It is a very hopeful time of your life. If it is meant to be with your current girlfriend and if she is the one for you and you for her, a way will developand you both will get together again. Be hopeful and God bless. Poppa


Not to be devils advocate here but maybe you’ll never see her again. Or maybe when you get back from college she’ll be with some other dude. Of course that could be the way its meant to be but what is wrong with making love to her now and having something to remember. I say if it happens it happens, why avoid it or try force it. Do neither just let things play out. If no harm can come of it emotionally or physically then go for it (this is the important part). There is something to be said for being with one person but I don’t know about the whole “meant to be.” Life is what you make it to be, sieze the day and do what you want because in the end theres no unseen hand that’s going to make sure it happens. Just one mans humble opinion though.

Yer if i go away she will most probaly be with some other lucky guy because she is a popular girl and i cant see her being single for four years :( . There is a guy that is after her now acculy, he gave her flowers for valintines day and he told her to forget about me and go with him but she told him to get lost, what do you think i should do about him? i could ambush him on the way home and give him a bashing or do u think i should just let him go?

I want to have sex now but i am not sure if she is ready, yer we are both virgins and it would be unreal to lose it with her:) .

she said she is ready but needs the right time or something like we need to sleep togeather in same bed for the night, but her parents are really strict. oh well



Jim, if you feel that strongly and are in love with the girl, discuss it with her, its up to you and her when to make love together. Talk to her that the only way to find out when and if she will be ready for use. Just please use condoms, you don’t want a baby in either one of your future for her or her strict partners. Think it out with you mind mate, not your dick! And don’t hit on the old guy, it may make things worst between you and the girl. She handled it with what she said to him. If you must use words that you are serious about the girl and that he should respect her decision

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