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I ordered this stuff about 2 weeks ago. I started having hard-ons alot but now I was having sex and my junk was not as hard as it used to be. Question can this stuff have negative effects?


I have tried it before. I was looking to get gains from it, never happened.

Although I think it may have helped increase the flow of blood (slightly) to my penis and may have had (again slight) benefit to erection strength.

I didn’t notice any negative effects (except a lighter wallet). But since it seemed to do nothing for my size I stopped.

Now yohimbe on the other hand, I tried that for a short while (actually a mixture of things with yohimbe in it) and I was getting heart palpitations, light headedness, nervous stomach and overall feeling of jitteryness.

It was worsened when I would try a heavy workout at the Gym. I would have to quit before I was half way through I felt so lightheaded. But within 1-2 weeks of stopping it I was back to normal.


try liquid yohimbe if still interested in it. It enters the pelvic area circulation quicky, within 10 to 15 minutes and doesn’t last as long. The bad side effects are reduced. I use it almost dayly for pe sessions for boosting blood flow and have had a good experience with it.
GNC has a fairly good product.

best of luck

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