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Viagara in Canada

Viagara in Canada

I was wondering if anyone knows how to buy Viagara or a generic version in Canada - can we buy it over the counter?

As for the effects - when it kicks in, do you have a permanent erection the whole time, or do you only get an erection when you get aroused?

I don’t think we can buy it in Canada, I’ve never seen it on the shelves of any of the pharmacy’s like Shopper’s or Pharma.

Start May-28-09 --- BPEL 5.875/EG 4.75/NBPEL 5.125/FL 3.00/FG 4.00 *Oct 24/09 --- BPEL 6.750/EG 4.875/NBPEL 5.875/FL 4.000/FG 4.250*

Short Term Goal --- BPEL 7.000/EG 5.000

Long Term Goal --- BPEL 7.500/EG 6.000

That sucks - but we can buy in online…


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