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Venous leak

So West how would you know the difference between a venous leak and say just not being in the mood?

I hate it when someone posts a link to another post in the same thread, but I’m gonna have to because you obviously didn’t read what I wrote before.

westla90069 - Venous leak

Well yeah I can get erect but sometimes I lose it, especially with no stimulation, but how could I tell if thats physical (leak) or mental (anxiety)? Because if the venous leak is great, no erection occurs, but if it’s minimal, the erection will occur but will start to dwindle down (which is similar to losing focus while masturbating), but how to tell the difference?

On a completely other note, I remember getting an erection and being able to walk around with it and no stimulation. But then again I never had sex before and I could think of a girl and pop wood. And now it’s not that easy.

If this was a concern you should have asked you urologist for a doppler penile blood flow scan. That’s the way to make a definitive diagnosis.

True I’ll keep it in mind, thanks.

If one does say have this venous leak is there anyway to reverse it?

I have venous leakage and managed to turn it around, at least to a large extent, though regular vacuum pumping. The pumping enhanced my arterial efficiency considerably such that I have more blood going in now than is going out - at least the venous flow and the arterial flow are now in enough balance that erections no longer fade.

refresh, one clue to venous leakage and telling the difference between it and performance anxiety is through partner sex. If you can masturbate with success but you can’t have sex with a partner without losing it, you don’t have venous leakage, but anxiety - at least in most cases.

You all remember that old joke:
What is Ultimate Rejection?
When you masturbate, your cock goes limp.

You can often control venous leakage with a cock ring. And if you respond well to the erectile drugs, they will do the trick unless your leakage is severe.



Hmm, thin line between anxiety and say slight venous leak. I think I should have my doc run a test to see if I have it, and should put the worry out of my head.

Avocet how did you get this venous leakage?

How about reading up on the subject? And refraining from posting meanwhile.

regards, mgus

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Mr. refresh9 has one week in which to read up on things before he will be allowed to post again. Should he continue in the same vein (no pun intented) as before, his stay will be shorten.

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Originally Posted by refresh9
Avocet how did you get this venous leakage?

For when you get back, having read up on this condition:
There was no injury; no painful event. Certainly it did not come from PE, because I had it before I knew what PE is.

It is possible that a medication I was taking for some years contributed to it.



Hey avocet. I can get completely erect when I’m jacking it sitting down but when I get up it goes away quickly. In your experience do you think this is venous leak?

I think it’s about your personal hydraulics and not classic venous leakage. If you can keep an erection going in any one or several particular positions, you’re doing fine. Some guys can’t stay erect if they are standing. Some can’t when sitting, or when they are on their left or their right sides but can in other positions. This isn’t ED per se. It’s just the way you happen to be.




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