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Veins and such

Veins and such

I learned something the other day that may be useful to some of you.

I was concerned about a vein that appears only when I begin to become erect and lasts for the duration of an erection. It branches left from the main dorsal one and runs about 2.5 inches in length. It becomes so hard that it cannot be depressed; very rubbery. My worry was about the “thrombosed vein” threads we read here and so I asked my urologist to have a look during a regular check up.

He explained this: In some cases - often when a penis has a heavy and visually apparent vascular system - one vein or artery may appear to go haywire on its own. As erection occurs, it fills with blood to the point where it does feel rubbery and highly distended. If it doesn’t hurt and there is no evidence of a clot (none in my case), I shouldn’t worry about it. He said also that these things tend to be “migratory” in the sense that the one I have now may recede over time and that another branch from the dorsal may do the same thing in the future, maybe on the other side of the shaft.

Eased my mind.




Did you have to get an erection to show him?

One foot to go

Interesting stuff. Certainly good to know, as one can never be too careful about PE injuries.

Does your urologist know that you PE?

Cool, avocet. When I presented to a urologist with thrombosed veins in the past, he said to ignore them unless they hurt — and that he wasn’t even convinced they were thrombosed, as your doc indicated also.

rush; didn’t need a hard on. It is visible when I’m flaccid, just not puffed up. He felt it and pronounced it ok.

wannab: he knows that I am a pumper. Approves of that.

Para: Pain seems to be the deciding factor. Also inflammation. Mine is neither.



what are the symptoms of a clot?

You can sometimes feel increased heat at the site. There is often some pain. Add more, anybody?

I am going to ask westla if he can resolve the continuing discussion of what a “thrombosed” penile vein is. To my knowledge, nobody here has ever made that really clear so that one could self-diagnose.




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