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Any you guys ever had a vascetomy? if so, how long did you take off from p.e.?

Originally Posted by M2

Any you guys ever had a vascetomy? if so, how long did you take off from p.e.?

Not too many members here that have had one. But it might be worth asking the surgeon how long before you can have sex, and mention that you have stormy sessions with the GF or wife. Just to give him the idea you may be beating it a bit. :D

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You’re not going to want to. When you can walk without pain, wait one more week.

I wasn’t doing PE when I had mine, but my partner gave me a blow job within a couple of hours of the operation. It wasn’t my idea, and it was a bit uncomfortable, but hey, you never refuse a blow job do you? My partner said she just wanted to see if it still worked, but I think it was more a gesture of pity after the operation.

Someone said this makes you shoot blanks and others said you just shoot all other fluids except sperm. Isn’t the second one true?

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“Shooting blanks” and shooting everything but sperm mean the same thing. Since sperm is less than 5 percent of the fluids you ejaculate, semen volume will seem to be about the same as before.



I was laid up two weeks after mine. I remember the wife went with me to the clinic to help me get a semen sample together for a sperm count. What can I say, my cup run-uth over.

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I had one for all the wrong reasons, about two years before a divorce, and I deeply regret it for a number of reasons. Not only that, but the doctor really screwed up badly in the procedure, and left me with ED where none existed before.. And a damaged and shrunken left testicle, which reduced my quality of life quite considerably. I do not mean to scare you, but NO surgery is without risk. Make damn sure that you REALLY WANT to be sterile before you go under the knife, because reversal is FAR more difficult and expensive than you can imagine, and it doesn’t always work. I suffered almost constant pain and sensitivity for the two years following the procedure, along with ED and a 75% reduction in Testosterone levels, despite assurances that problems were extremely rare.

My advice: Be very careful about cutting anything on your body, but especially your testicles, because no matter what you think today, you just might change your mind in the future.

I was not doing PE when I had mine. If I had, I probably would have taken at least two weeks off after. The first day or two are pretty bad and then it’s just sore in general down there.

I actually had the “no scalpel” or laser vasectomy. I chose that since they make one hole right under the penis instead or two holes - one on each side. The doctor has to go in and pull the cord out if the hole which is further away than if they cut right next to it. Since I’m fully shaved, I liked the idea of having only one scar hidden under my dick instead of two scars out in the open.

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I had mine about 1 yr after the birth of my second child. Since I
have a boy and and a girl I though now is a good time to stop
having kids. The procedure wasn’t bad at all for me and about
2 weeks to recouperate. I was not PEing at the time. For me the
process was fairly liberating as it is a good feeling to know that
now matter how much juice I squeeze off in a chick I don’t have
to worry about any longterm commitments ;)

For me I did not notice any change in jizz volume. Just be sure to
make sure it’s really what you want and pick a great urologist to do it.


My experience is the same as ironbird’s…did my research and chose a urologist,

no complications during or after, great sex afterwards coupled with an excellent

sence of liberationfreedom.

I have been considering getting one also. Loss of volume is my biggest concern. Have any of you guys experienced smaller loads?

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No problems with mine so far. I’m a month post op. Im a jelqer only, So, i just took a 2 week break. Jelqed a few times and decided to take another 2 week deacon break. All is well. I can’t tell any difference in load amount.


Yes, the load was slightly smaller and I tend to agree with avocet8 about sperm being 5% of the fluids, but its only my

opinion based on my loads since the vasectomy. Have you done some research in this area? In my opinion, again,

I guess you’re wondering if your sex drive/satisfaction will change if you have less cum—-NO, it will NOT. I thoroughly

max out whenever I cum - vasectomy or not. Maybe its because I don’t have to worry about getting her pregnant….

M2: Something else to consider. I had mine done back in the 70s. And shot blanks for over 30 years, or so I thought. A couple of years ago I actually impregnated someone. So, just to let you know, this procedure is not always 100% sure to make and keep you steril. At least the procedure they did back then. I’m sure they’ve got it down to 100% by now, but you might want to ask about this before you go under the knife.

Like the old line from Jurassic Park, “Life always finds a way.” I can testify to this. In the old procedure they simply snipped the vas. and as anyone who reads detective novels will tell you, loose ends have a way of getting you in trouble.

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