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Hi Guys, I mentioned this in a post before but I want some opinions on my varicocele.

At 22, if I had embolization surgery would it change the size of testicle at all?

If done earlier around 16-17, would this have made a difference?

The Gp advised against the surgery, would I have to get a referral from him to get it on the nhs. If I want it but the gp doesn’t agree it to it, is the only option private? Ah I don’t have 2 grand to spend on this

Some your questions are specific to Ireland, I think.

If the Gp (General physician?) is against it than I’d hear him.

Yeh man, he is. Have you any knowledge if it would return to size? Also would this have effected penile growth?

There is about a 20% difference. I’m going to start a some damiana, ball massaging and pumping

If you have good sperm now, don’t mess with it. You don’t want to do something that could sterilize you.

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As far as I know, surgery can prevent shrinkage, but not reverse it. I don’t know if it is a good idea to augment blood flow on a varicose vein, though, as some supplements do.

Anyway there is always some difference between testicles for size.

Oh :not I don’t think it can effect penis growth at any measurable degree, never heard such a thing.

Yeh I agree some difference is normal, thought this is over 20% and killing me inside. It seems I’ll need money to make any change as the nhs will not finance an embolization or a prescription for hcg/clomid. Thanks for your help

No meds or supplements will make your testicles the same size, neither the embolization. What you want is an estetical change.

Asthetical change? How would I go about doing that? Testicular implants?

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“In some men, varicoceles can cause shrinking (atrophy) of the testicles. In many cases, when the varicocele is treated on the affected side, the testicle may return to normal size.”…ir/info/ve.html

So, we have no proof that varicocele caused the smaller size, but even in that case there is no certainty that without the varicocele the testicle size will return back to full size. I think you should think to surgery & C. only if you have discomfort, lower sperm count etc..

You see I can’t remember the size of my testicle before the varicocele, the left was also retractable so that may have had a part to play. My urologist said they testicle will not increase in size however I see differing reports on the internet like the one you just posted. Ah I wish I could get a definite answer just to close this chapter

Your urologist, knowing the details of your case, is near for sure right. I don’t think you can form a more educated opinion then him listening at the Internet or friends.


7/26/2013 (mid average) 6.9x5.9

8/26/2013 (" ") 7.125x6.25

What I meant is that he is not motivated by real issues, but only on how his testicle size looks, basing on what I’ve read. He has no problem of low test right now niether any other symptoms.

I had the surgery done cause it was painful and everything has been fine for almost a year .
It does effect testosterone from what I have read but only if its a grade 3 ( the worse ) . And if the testicle has shrunken it will come back if its not late and if you haven’t had it for years , but it takes time .

Most of the guys have it on the left side some have it bi lateral . During my painful time of the varicocle (grade 3) my total testosterone was at 517 almost a year later is at 620 (35 yr) , coincidence ? Don’t know .

In my opinion ? If you have no pain or fertility issues don’t do it . Recovery wise its fast .

Current 8 bpel /7.25 nbp 6.25 eg .

Goal , I be happy with 8 NBP so I can relocate her kidney.

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