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Varicocele repair and other problems.

Varicocele repair and other problems.


I was at the urologist and he diagnosed me with varicocele which must be repaired.I think

That after excessive use of testosterone boosters and really high doses of AAKG I might

Develop other problems as well on my the surface of my shaft there are visible veins.Proper

PE with which previously I had much success now is almost imposable now.My shaft is quite

Hard at the base and pumping blood isn`t effective like before.

My penis is now completely different as it was before using supplements.

Do anyone knows what it might be and how and how to take care of this ?

Varicocele repair will be enough and restore proper circulation and function of my penis ?

How to talk to urologist (I would rather prefer have less invasive -varicocele embolization)

But the most important to me is of course how to return to normal penis function and ability to

Doing proper PE like before, which gave me with time great erection quality.

I had varicocele embolization and it was complete success with no pain at all. I highly recommend it. Your doctor can explain how the embolization will benefit you. Embolization is usually done for damaged veins and for fertility reasons as all the blood in the oversized vein heats up the teste and produces poor sperm quality. In my case morphology. Once it was fixed up, my sperm quality improved dramatically.

Looking back at it, I would insist on the embolization and accept no other method. Remember, the doctor works for you. If he will not do it, ask for a referral for one that does or call around for doctors that do. Make sure you check for a good reputation.

I don’t know if I’m reading this correctly but the veins on the shaft are very normal and sign of a healthy penis and blood flow. Perhaps you can do kegal exercises to start with to get you erection quality back to normal.

Whatever the case, consult with your urologist and be open and honest. He is there to help. Good luck.

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Varicocele is used to describe a condition of the veins draining the testicles. There should be no penile symptoms from varicocele.

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Big Al wrote on my post on lpsg “

I’ve read differing accounts on varicoceles affecting erections, but most men report positive results after having them taken care of. “

And I hope that it will be same in my situation cause I struggle to regain good EQ and nothing work for me last days.


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