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Varicocele or not


Varicocele or not

I am not sure if I have varicocele or not but sometimes I feel that there are tubes or worms or I don’t know what are these specially under my left testes,they are unpalpabale and unpainful as well,sometimes I feel that they are prominent and others they ain’t that prominent,is that a varicocele or what?


You seem to have some knowledge of what a varicole is, but It might be worth doing a Google seach on varicole, and got some illustrations , then compare with what you have.

I’s very difficult to give a diagnosis on something that we cannot see, I think it far better for you to check with some illustrations, to at least give you some idea of what you have.

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I’ve got a really big one in my left nut, it goes away when I lie down, and is much more prominent after I’ve been standing up for long periods of time.

It feels like a bag of worms, and is annoying as hell.

Hope this helps.

I went to see a urologist about my varicocele and he told me that there was no need to operate unless they were painful. Have had them since the beginning of my teen years and have had no pain. As long as you don’t experience pain you probably don’t need to do anything about it.

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Could also be a hydrocele, I have one from an accident I had when I was a very young guy. The hydrocele causes some pain in my lower back if I get blue balls, and sometimes aches, but I was told is nothing serious. Your GP should be able to give you a better idea of what it is, and the treatment.

The problem ain’t with it being painful but I have heard that it can effect sperm count dramatically

Please guys I did a search and now I am even more worried,I feel like I have more tubes on the left side more than on the right but I don’t ever complain from anything else so my question is is it supposed to be a more prominent duct or so on the left side?? Should both testes be equal in size or not?please help

Also it doesn’t decrease much in size when I am sitting

What did you search that concerned you so much?

Yes, varicoceles can reduce fertility. But you haven’t had that condition confirmed by your doc.



I have some kind of ducts under my left testes specially,painful,UN palpable,doesn’t go away when I sit and I am afraid it might affect my sperm count and fertility if it’s truly a varicocele,don’t know if it should be advanced to cause infertility and not sure what it’s is but from what I have read it might be a varicocele also my left testes is smaller than the right so my question was is that normal and are there any anatomic structures at the left side that might contribute to the duct feeling ?

Varicocele happens much more frequently on the left as the vein has a longer run to return to the renal vein. On the right it returns to the IVC, so there is less pressure. Not a big deal unless it bothers you. If you lay down it will probably decrease as the pressure of being upright is relieved. They are not an issue unless painful

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My main concern is fertility issues,is it normal that one testes larger than the other?if it ain’t advanced should I be worried about it affecting sperm count?is it normal to feel any tubes on the left side more than the right?

One easily can be slightly larger than the other. The “tubes” that you feel could be epididymis or varicocele.

A varicocele is basically varicose veins on the testes caused by the failure of some of the valves in the vein that keep the blood flowing back toward the venous system more common on the left as I said earlier.

I wouldn’t worry about fertility. It can affect it from the additional heat of the increased venous blood in the area, but you won’t know until your sperm count is demonstrated low.

This is just a possibility and is not terribly common. Don’t stress about it too much. If the testicle is painful, or has a firm-hard painless lump, then you need to be seen by someone, other than that no worries.

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How can I know if it is epidiydimitis and not a varicocele?

Epididymitis is usually an inflammatory process of some type. Typically an infection and the testicle will be swollen, painful etc.

You can sometimes feel the epididymis if you examine closely, but for it to be that prominent it would typically have to be infected, or sometimes in men who have had a vasectomy it can become somewhat more prominent.

My money is on Varicocele. Lay down on your back for 20-30 minutes and see if you can still feel the “tubes” as prominently, or feel first thing in the morning before you get up. You will probably still feel them, but are they as prominent?

I bet they will be much smaller and more relaxed. That is a Varicocele.

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