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Vaginal size after abortion?

Vaginal size after abortion?

After my girlfriend had an abortion her vagina felt bigger than before the abortion. Is it possible that an abortion can increase the size of a womans vagina?

My ex had an abortion and it didn’t change a thing.


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How far into the pregnancy was it performed?

I think there would be a difference in effect between scraping out some goo, and pulling out a nearly done kid….

In general, no. A weighted speculum is usually employed to keep the vagina open. These things weigh several pounds, but are in place less than five minutes so any “stretching” of the vaginal wall is minimal.

The size of the fetus wouldn’t make much difference since the larger ones are not removed intact.

>>>>The size of the fetus wouldn’t make much difference since the larger ones are not removed intact.


Doesn’t the vagina take on new properties during pregnancy? Preparing itself for a serious stretching by becoming more stretchable in it’s properties or something? Maybe if that is so, then if he had sex with her soon enough after pregnancy, her pussy wouldn’t have changed it’s properties back to normal. Just an idea.

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Originally posted by secjay

It was YOU who started like “scraping out some goo” :eek:

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Long since forgotten images of an aborted fetus from are once again flooding my mind’s eye. I think it’s going blind.

I had a girfriend who had a hysterectomy and she felt somewhat hallow and different afterwards.

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Having a hysterectomy is quite a life changing event for women. It’s very normal for them to feel different after the surgery. Men don’t have an equivalent organ that I can name to provoke the same sense of loss, but just think of it as a major organ being removed and how you now have a changed body. And even though that organ wasn’t visible to others, it was part of your sexual self that is now gone forever.


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