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urologist talks about PE

Well guys, the man started the thread by saying it was his first and last post. So in other words he was not interested in engaging with us but just wanted to make a statement. So I fail to see the point of trying if the other person is unwilling and just wanted to make a statement. I am just making an observation that’s all. It is nice to engage but it takes two people.


Here is a link for everyone to read…

I’m more inclined to say there is no valves in the veins, but a type of valve action that happens when we become aroused! The smooth fibrous muscle on the inside of the penis becomes relaxed and constricts the out flow of blood, not stop it! Then the arteries starts to open more to allow the blood to flow in filling the penis. This may explain why we may become more rigid after months of pe. The smooth muscle in the penis becomes stronger and larger from stretching, thus placing a more forceful clamp on the out flow of blood when relaxed.

Now lets look at it this way, you have a vein running through a fibrous muscle that is relaxed, not constricted, and the pressure increases as you jelq. That pressure would not be strong enough to enlarge the vein to damage that point of muscle where the veins exit because the muscle is in a relaxed state and would have some give, but the vein itself would be the weak link and bust from the pressure far before you exert enough force to expand it enough to damage that muscle IMO.

What may be happening with soft erections is the over extended workouts some do, or over doing it at the start may stresses or damage the nervous system that controls this function.

I say we stick together and find the answers we need without the cynical input of non believing doctors that are clueless and unwilling to debate their statements!


Amen Dance

I wonder if this “expert” has viewed our discussions of his post? My experience with PE since last November has been very positive in that my erections have improved in number and strength.

A message to Till as a member of group B:

What and the hell are you doing. This is not a strenuous routine. I start when I first get up in the AM, but have to calm down my morning wood to get a flacid stretch. And I am not eighteen. That was 27 years ago.

I would say the probability is, he is reading them-he discusses the members that have soft erections as a result of pe and if it is his line of work, he is very interested.

My routine included a mild warmup using hot water in a pump. Modemmer was informed in the beginning. Other than that, I felt I had to use some stress with the manual jelq and stretching in order to get results. So, like I said, maybe a little too much enthusiasm in the beginning.

Till, try incrreasing your vitamen C intake as it helps rebuild tissues broken down by stress. Keep the faith.

Thanks for the link Modemmer! Excellent reading!

After reading this, I am of the opinion that “valves” is a simplistic misnomer and probably sending out the wrong message. While the constriction of the veins during erection acts as valves, they are not valves in the conventional sense - ie the same as in the heart. It appears that it is only the constriction of the veins which cause this effect. This sheds a whole new light on the matter and may be the reason that we can’t find any reference to valves in standard medical and anatomical texts.

As for our visitor, jbh, much more study required! Or some papers to support your claims, or even a name for these mysterious and elusive valves that medical text books don’t seem to know about and which your whole theory rests on. But don’t hold your breath guys, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that he will not, and cannot, provide a scrap of evidence to support his claims - and with such a simplistic explanation, I’m doubtful that he is even what he claims to be - but then I’m a cynic! ;) I need proof!

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"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

Nah, mate - just an Aussie! ;)

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Kinda interesting. I gotta roll to work so can’t check it out too much. Let me know what you folks think. Forget that it’s a cheesy penis growth site but instead look at the diagram.

I did a search under “penile valves erection” but didn’t have time to check anything except on the first page of results.

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Sorry, BH.

Had to do it, though. It was a “Darren” link. Pretty crafty motherfucker, isn’t he? Just look for the “most recomended site” stuff and it will lead you right to him. The info inside the add was just very basic and vague descriptions of the process. You did not miss anything by running out of time to read it. groa

I came across this on Merck, scroll down to Physiology.

Venous drainage occurs through venules below the tunica albuginea. Unlike other venous structures, penile venules have no valves; these venules close by compression against the tunica, as the corpora fill with blood.

Just as Modemmer said.


I think that to be fair to our visitor we have to admit that some structure (be it compressed veins, or what ever) must act as a valve in order to prevent outflow and detumescence. However it might not be the delicate structure that is common to ordinary veins (btw ordinary venous valves prevent backflow of blood away from the heart so it appears that whatever the structure it works as a valve in the opposite direction from the usual vein valves)

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

OK - thanks, Groa. I’ve read about but haven’t visited this Darren dude’s sight. So that’s fine with me.

I wonder where he got those diagrams?? That would be key to find out because there we could probably get really good info.

This was an interesting thread I thought you newer guys would like to read

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Yeah right. why should the new members get away without having psychic induced erection problems because they can’t stop thinking their valves might be fucked up :D Phew, how I hated this period of time :chuckle: …and how I wished not to have read this thread.. TOO LATE FOR YOU YOUNG GUNS :D

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Hello everyone, I am new here and this is my first and only message.

This isn’t the sort of site where people will just flame you. People here are curious and willing to listen to all sides and take in as much information as possible. This is a new field and we are (following the lead of the veterans) making the rules up as we go along. Information, criticism and cautions are all welcome and will be taken on board to help us all do this safely and effectively.

In short you are doing yourself and all of us here a great disservice by just posting and running. Your opinion will be respected by most if not all and your advice taken on board. You may teach us something and hell, even you may learn something :p

As for me, PE works. No arguments can dissuade me from the facts of the ruler. If there are methods to make it even safer and minimise problems down the track, then keep the ideas and opinions coming, especially if you are from the medical profession.


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