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Urinary Tract Infection


Urinary Tract Infection

For the past week now every single time I piss, I get this pain in the lower side of my stomach and then few seconds after piss is done the pain is gone. It keeps repeating when I piss. Anyone have any experience on this? I did research and it points to being UTI or STDS such as gonorrhea and chlamydia. But I checked what the symptoms are for those 2 diseases and it mentions pain or burning sensation when urinating but never mentions where exactly you get the burning sensation or pain? Any input would be nice.

It’s possible you might have a small kidney stone. Is the urine discoloured or oily looking?, (cloudy)

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No, the piss looks fine. Do you know anything about chlamydia or gonorrhea because the symptoms they state says when you piss you may have burning or pain while urinating but it never mentions where the pain would be.

+1 on the kidney stone thing.

Wow that happened to her just from a urinary tract infection, crazy.

So kidney stone eh? So completely rule out possible std?

Originally Posted by bodybuilda
Wow that happened to her just from a urinary tract infection, crazy.

So kidney stone eh? So completely rule out possible std?

Whatever it is, you need to see a doctor to get it fixed.

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Kidney stones come in all sorts of dificulties. - Hard water being one of them. -I live in the London area and the water is hard from the Chalk Downs.

Just as an example of my many types. (I think I hold the world record)

Some years ago I felt I had some from the symptoms . I went to the hospital, where they did a scan. the result was I had a 1 inch stone in one kidney and a 1¼ inch stone on the other side.

So they decided on an X-ray.

The result being I didn’t have any kidney stones at all.

A week later I passed two small kidney stones.

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I see well I’ll go to a doctor next week to check it out as I don’t have insurance so I have to find a clinic. But do any of you know much about gonorrhea or chlamydia everywhere online it says symptoms is burning or pain when urinating it never mentions where the pain or burning would be.. Like I said I feel pain once I’m urinating and I only feel the pain if I like suck in my stomach then seconds after I’m done pissing the pain is gone.

I think the gonorrhea or chlamydia pain is around your pisshole as the urine shoots out. I think a buddy of mine who had a few STDs in his college years said something like that…

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Yes, I have had them both. (Gotta love military service.) What your describing is not what I experienced. It feels like your dick is burning when you piss, and I think both gave me cloudy urine. Its the kind of thing that you can’t ignore. It doesn’t matter if its an sti or something else, you have to go to a doctor.

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I’m betting UTI or kidney stone, or even a bladder infection. I never had gonorrhea but saw a lot of guys get it while I was in the navy. I think the burning sensation is in the urethra. They used to give penicillin shot for the clap, but I think everything else mentioned is pretty easily cleared up with antibiotics. My dad had a large kidney stone. They broke it up with ultra sound, and he just pissed out the rocks. He had a little trouble passing one fragment that was still fairly large. I asked him what it felt like pissing that last one out, he said, “Like giving birth.” :eek:

But since some of us on this forum are not MDs, you might want to get a second opinion from an actual doctor.

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I had a kidney stone broken up with the water thing

But they had put some small balls right the way up the urethra etc to the kidney to stop the bits coming out. But didn’t worry too much about them after the stone was shattered.

When they came out - I had to force them out. It was the worst thing I ever experienced. .
After, I found a way of getting rid of them more easily.

Drink a large quantity of water.
Then start shaking your self about like jiving.

I found that out quite by accident. whan I had a stone and it was hurting like hell. I had drunk some water, and then stood on a chair to try and find some painkillers in a cupboard. As I reached up the pain sarted to ease off . It was quite a wonderful thing as normally pain gradually disappears when treated.Tthis went from excrutiating to nothing in about a minute.

Next day out came the stone when I peed.

So it all gave birth to the stone and the remedy.

The principle is quite simple. The water lubricates the tubed where the stone is sitting and the jiving jiggles the stone so water creeps by , lubricates the tube and away it goes.

I only got stones in hard water areas.

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I just came back, I went to a clinic they tested my urine they said it’s nothing. I said maybe it’s an STD then she said you feel pain in your genital area not stomach. So now I have to test for that another day. But for sure they said from the urine it’s not a kidney stone or UTI. So that is for sure. Great most likely it’s a damn STD

It kind of makes sense that it’s an STD, I started having these symptoms 1 week after unprotected sex again what was confusing me and the doctor is that the pain is in my abdominals not my genital area when I urinate. Either case I’m going to planned parenthood wednesday. If any of you might know what it can be or agree that it is in fact an STD any input would be nice.

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