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Urethral sounds


Urethral sounds

Am am a little curious: does anyone toy around with urethral sounds ?

If so, what for? Just for the fun of it, for medical purposes, or … ?

If you use it for stretching, is there an advantage to having a wider urethral duct? Like shooting harder when you come?

Questions, questions….

I would like to hear from you guys!


Urethral sounds? You mean whistling while you jerk?

Actually, I didn’t know what you were talking about until I Googled it. Interesting. I’ve tried that a little, just with something that went an inch or so down the urethra, but all the way to the prostate sounds pretty squirmy to me. Even with a metal sound I’d be nervous of breakage and infection. Have you done it? Does it feel good? I’ve seen sites where people do that with electro-stimulation too.

Sofar, I have only inserted a medical catheter, called vajroli in the ways of Tantra. I was able to go all the way to the bladder. I know this because urine would come out. Sounds gross? I don’t know, I was just exploring…

Repeatedly inserting a tube into the urethral duct is supposed to make it less sensitive, hence delaying ejecaculation. In the end, you should be able to suck back any juices (!) you are about to spill.
Anyway, it did not do the trick, so I quit after a while. It’s fun doing though :)

But we are straying from my main question, concerning stretching, which still stands:

Is there any advantage to using “sounds”, ie stretching the urethral duct (by the way I hope this is the right term for it)?

Reading a section in my book about vajroli, there is another purpose to it:

Tantrists use increasing sounds to stretch the opening at the glans, so it can grab the clitoris and suck it rhythmically.

Woman enters Man, the ultimate purpose.

And I was thinking it should make the ejaculation more easy ( comparison: a 4-lane highway allows more traffic than an alley )

A lot of that Tantric mystical stuff seems pretty far fetched to me. The penile meatus “sucking” a clit? Uh, I don’t think so. And I don’t think you can “suck back any juices” with it either.

The stimulus for ejaculation doesn’t come from within the urethra. It’s a nerve reflex thing. All you’ll do using sounds is give yourself an infection (unless you have an autoclave at home).

I am not medically trained, but the catheter I used was cleaned after use, and then stored in an anti-septic solution. Never had any trouble, but thanks for the heads-up.

The tantric purpose does sound a little far fetched to me, too. But I try to keep an open mind. It sounds really wild :) Reality is sometimes more bizarre than one’s imagination. [insert Twilight Sound here]

>If you use it for stretching, is there an advantage to having a wider urethral duct? Like shooting harder when you come?”


My guess is that if you were able over time to stretch your urethra in this way the result would be the exact opposite of what you are looking to get. More likely you’d shoot in dribbles or a glob or two of semen with no increase in the intensity of your orgasm.

The longer it takes to ejaculate completely, the better the orgasm.



I read on, under princes wands & sounds, from somebody who had stretched their urethra by sounding and his ejaculate dribbled out. I think it has to do with back-pressure.

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This subject did come up not too long ago. I remember that the only advantage that I could think of would be to be able to piss like a garden hose. :D

Could these be used to increase the strength of the urinary stream? What type of lubricant would you use with these?

If you had a stricture the sounds, used in gradually increasing size, could open the stricture and allow a better urine stream. You’d use sterile K-Y jelly.

Do you have this problem? It’s best not to self-treat. A physician should be consulted first.


I don’t know if I have a stricture or not. I have always had a very weak urine stream. About 25 years ago I was examined with a cystoscope (for an unrelated problem). The doctor also examined why my urine stream was weak at the same time. It was so long ago that I can’t remember exactly what he said, but it was something like “your urinary tract has a very small diameter.” He also said that he found one spot that was espescially narrow. He said that he “stretched it out.” Again I can’t remeber, but perhaps it was by inflating something in the area of costriction.

I think that I understand some of the risks of infection and injury of self-treating using these sounds, and frankly, I’m not sure that I have the self-discipline to follow the sterile procedures necessary to do this. Before I would do anything using them I would extensively research them, their procedures and risks.

Is your warning here about not self-treating sort of the general don’t self-treat because of the risk of injury or infection, or is it more the YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR HEAD EXAMINED FOR EVEN THINKING ABOUT THIS BECAUSE IT’S REALLY DANGEROUS type of warning.

No, not at all. It’s not dangerous. Men put things up their wee-wees with some frequency judging by the sites I’ve seen on the ‘net. My warning was based, at that time, on the assumption that you didn’t know exactly what was wrong, if it was a stricture, where it was located in the seven or eight inches of urethra, how much of the urethra was involved and if there may be multiple areas of constriction. This can be diagnosed by a voiding cystogram which isn’t something you can do at home.

If you know you have a single stricture, say at the area where the urethra enters the corpus spongiosum, know it’s only a few millimeters in length, have a set of sterile sounds and K-Y jelly, gloves and the time and patience to do it yourself, then I imagine it could be done. Please note that I am not advocating you do this.

Since you’ve already seen a physician, albeit a long time ago, and know the nature of your problem, then what you do with it is up to you. How much of a problem is it? Does it take a long time to empty your bladder? Do you have residual urine after you pee? Do you have pain on urination or ejaculation? If you do, then you should see a urologist.


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