Lithium ! A few months ago, I had an injury while jelqing. My dick spurt out blood on my wall that was 3 feet away. It was actually like ejaculating blood. I washed my dick and put ice on it to contain the bleeding. Things couldn’t have been any worse for me.

I visited my Urologist and got a full checkup done. I was put on Doxycycline 100 mg twice a day for 15 days. I was asked to put Ice on my dick to prevent scar tissue buildup. A week after the pain subsided, I could feel a small lump in the centre of my Dick, towards the left side. Just like you, I couldnt pee well and had to push hard to urinate. My doctor said it was because of internal swelling of the tissue which was blocking my urethral passage.

After nearly 3 weeks, I started getting hardons but they were nowhere close to what I got earlier. For 2 months, I stayed away from jerking off, let alone PE. Im back to normal now but haven’t really started PE on a regular basis.

You may have had an internal swelling like in my case or a scar tissue buildup. Ask your Doctor to check for both. Visit an Ultrasound specialist and get a scan done. Give your dick a lot of time to heal. I would not suggest masturbation/ejaculation till your doctor has done all the tests to rule out swelling and scar tissue. Remember, if you wanked off you could be placing more stress on the damaged tissue, if any.

Walk slowly but never backwards.