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uncomfortable morning wood?

I have had uncomfortable morning wood as well, though it’s only been occasional. But I know what you mean where it’s rock hard to the point of discomfort. It annoys me because it will happen early in the morning on a day when I would normally be sleeping in, and it keeps me from getting back to sleep.

If I get up to piss, that usually helps. I tried to jerk it away once, but my tolerance to stimulation in the morning is fairly high, and I couldn’t get myself off.

Originally Posted by fat_cock
Well I have been working on my psychological problems . Since I am the only person that can fix that .
Building Self Confidence & Self Esteem from scratch.. :)

I have not been doing anything .

Tried it another time and it was fine . guess I was not concentrating that’s why

Dude, with your cock, you should have tons of confidence. I know, it’s not everything. Maybe you should get a semi- or fluff it, walk into a bar and just pull it out in front of a table full of women and watch their jaw hit the floor. Again, I kid.

Now being serious. Is your lack of confidence performance-related or just discomfort talking to women? If you say cock size, I will slap you.

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Originally Posted by boner7484
Morning and nocturnal erections are the only ones that will not be affected much by psychological problems. What have you been changing physically/physiologically?

I have not changed anything.

I did move to another place.

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