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Uncircumcised is better for both partners

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In the interest of not opening up a new thread to beat the same old dead horse, I came across this this morning……kab&msg=16406.1

I thought post #6 was interesting.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

Just thought I’d chime in here..

From the perspective of a guy who was circumcised as an adult (somewhat against my will—my foreskin was torn when I caught it in the zipper of my pants, and when I went to the hospital to have it sutured, the doctor recommended a circumcision and I agreed, partially because I was under anesthesia, and partially because I just wanted to get out of there), I can say that the foreskin is really an intricate part of the penis. I suffered from mild depression for about a year after the surgery because my penis was so desensitized from the operation. I could still get off, with 10-30 minutes of basically pumping my dick as hard as I could trying to create as much friction as possible, but this isn’t the way the penis was designed to operate. When I had my foreskin, I was basically in pleasure heaven during intercourse and masturbation. I could easily orgasm at any point, but I also had much more control than I did when I was totally circumcised. Also, I don’t understand how any circumcised guy can routinely masturbate without some lubricant, as my circumcised penis would become chaffed from as little as 5 minutes of unlubed masturbation.

I’ve been restoring for about 3 years manually, with o-rings and originally with t-tape. I think the biggest myth about foreskin restoration is that the goal is cover the glans to rebuild it’s sensitivity. Ask any uncut man what the most sensitive part of the penis is.I doubt he’ll say the glans. The inner foreskin is MUCH more sensitive, and the most sensitive part of the penis is the frenulum, which by definition is mostly or completely removed during circumcision. If you are cut and still have any remaining frenulum, stroke it with your finger, and then stroke part of your glans and notice the difference in sensitivity. I was lucky that the doctor didn’t complete remove mine, as it is still the most sensitive part of my member. Foreskin restoration is helping me increase the length of my inner foreskin and thus increase total sensitivity. I’m happy with the results of my restoration so far (as is my gf), but I would give anything to have all of my foreskin back, my ridged band, and my frenulum. If you do some reading about these parts of the penis, you’ll find out that the greatest concentration of nerve endings lies within them.

To those of you who we’re circumcised as infants, please reconsider having your sons circumcised. It’s a personal decision and I think it’s best left to the boys themselves when they are old enough to make that decision.

The uncut will have the last laugh. They have always been in a majority, and that majority is growing by leaps and bounds today. The only major civilization, other than America, that has held fast to the false virtues of circumcision is Islam.

Please let’s not have this thing boil up again.

Anyway you slice it, it’s “I like my dick better than yours.” :)

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Yeah. I am personally for cutting it. I think it looks cleaner and nicer. I don’t think you can tell who is having better sex, cut or uncut people or what women in general like best. Because all in all, when your 100% you probably won’t tell that much of a difference.

I guess you didn’t read my statement above.but maybe that’s what this thread is all about—closed-mindedness

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