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Uncircumcised bros. need advice

Uncircumcised bros. need advice

Whats the best way to desensitize the penis when your uncut?

Edging helps everone I think. Also, wear a cock ring and edge. I love it.

Try putting on a condom with your skin over the glans. Seems to work for some people.

Or buy condoms with desensitizing cream in it. Works great for desensitizing your penis but takes away from the pleasure. Always a trade off. Best way is to continually learn to last longer naturally.

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Why would you want to do that? If you just want it desensitized to last longer for sex then do the stuff that hrabia said.

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In adition to the good advice already given, I’ll give you some tips originally given by Phat8.

I’ve had a problem with an oversensitive penis head, which contributed to premature ejaculation. After a couple of months of doing the following tips, I’ve reached a good level now, where the head sensitivity has diminished but it’s not absent, that is, I still get pleasure from that part of the penis.

Now, on to the tips:

1- Wear you dick uncovered during the day, that is, with the foreskin back. This also helped to stretch my previously tight frenulum and foreskin ring.
2- If possible, don’t wear underwear. At first it might be a little too much in terms of over sensations related to the rubbing, but with time it’ll pass.
3- When cleaning after the shower rub the head a little with a rough towel. Don’t overdo it in the beginning. Take it slowly and patiently.

Try this and let us know.





Hello UIShrike! Where you been?


hey, UIShrike

I just wonder if your frenulum and foreskin ring are still tight..Mine are.
Gonna have surgery, I guess. )If you wonder why, check out the injuries section)

I don’t wear underwear anymore, I like the sensaion I get. Instead I wear from one and up to, like now, 4 metal rings around the whole pack. Gives a heavy feeling and stretches the sack and engorges the penis.

sounds like jingle bells, Ho-ho-ho

By the way, I use one or two metal rings during sex sometimes. If it’s the right size(It better!) it helps keeping a rock hard boner.

Did I get off the track somewhere? ;-)


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thanks UIShrike

Where you have been lately?

That method works very well as I have discovered.

thanks for the advice. will do your routine UIShrike. thanks to all.


SS4Jelq, Phat9,

Since last year, about September, I’ve stopped PEing altogheter. My life was busy as hell, and when I had the time to PE, I’d have privacy problems. Now I have my own apartment, so there’s no problem with privacy anymore. I’m slowly returning to PE (got to take it easy), specially hanging. In this almost full year of no workouts I’ve lost, am sad to say, 2cm (~0.79”) so have to get those back now. Thanks for remembering me, even though I don’t write as much as I’d like here and in PEForums.


Haven’t looked at your problem, but my foreskin ring was very tight. Almost to the point that with a full erection it was very painfull to retract the foreskin since it constricted the head. After doing the tips I sent on the other post, with another exercise that Phat9 developed (it’s simple, you just to reps of rolling and unrolling the foreskin - in the beginning I did this in the shower, everytime I took a piss, and it helped also), now it’s no problem, the ring is stretched well, so it’s not dificult at all to retract the foreskin even with a full erection. It also helps with cleaning too.

As for metal rings, I’ll have to try that. Last year I experimented with a simple all day stretched composed of ace bandage wrapping the stretched penis, with a lock inside. It didn’t help much, but since I wrapped also on my testicles (which previously were very tight and close to the body, always retracting with a full erection) that now are hung and also somewhat bigger. Have to try those metal rings though.




I’m sorry to hear about your lost gains, reports of this kind are always depressing. I am sure you will regain them and make more gains.

>Thanks for remembering me, even though I don’t write as much as I’d like here and in PEForums.<

Well make sure you start to post more!

Good Luck

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