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Twisted foreskin

Twisted foreskin

This isn’t really a big deal, but I’m curious about what other uncut guys think. It seems like the skin on my penis is a little “twisted”, even though the penis is itself is perfectly straight (no curve left or right) For instance, if I pull the foreskin back, the frenulum line or string doesn’t naturally point straight down to my balls, instead it turns very clearly to the left. If I want it to go straight down, I have to twist the skin in the opposite direction. (Or pull it down so hard it has to be straight) It’s also visible with the foreskin not retracted since there will usually be a little more of it to the left than to the right. It kinda gives the impression that my flaccid curves slighty even though it doesn’t..

How is it with you other guys? Is the skin perfectly “straight” and symmetrical?

It’s probably unusual but not abnormal. everyone has the odd flaw in their body such as slightly bent fingers, forthfinger longer than the second finger, (and vice versa) One eye slightly higher that the other. So I shouldn’t worry about it unles it causes a problem.

Could even be an interesting conversation topic :)

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My skin is straight but my penis is twisted. Weird, isn’t it?

Originally Posted by petitfaun
Could even be an interesting conversation topic :)

Quite the ice breaker.. “Hey, wanna see a twisted foreskin?” :D

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