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Turning Her Inside Out

Turning Her Inside Out

Ever notice in porno movies (and maybe in your life if you’re lucky), during a close-up of a penetration shot, as the cock moves in and out you can see the pussy kind of “clinging” to the shaft? Giving the impression that it’s a really tight fit, or that the cock is huge enough to pull some of the inner pussy out? There’s something very arousing about that, but sadly, I’ve never experienced it in my sex life with any girl.

Is it the particular “type” of pussy that clings like that? Or is it a penis-size related phenomenon? I’ll look down sometimes to watch myself go in and out of my girlfriend, in every position, and the vagina’s facade remains unchanged, like my dick ain’t makin’ a dent. In case you didn’t know, it makes me feel really great. Not.

Will there be a point if I can grow my dick enough that it will stretch a pussy to it’s limits like shown in porn films? Or maybe I’m watching too much porn too closely? Maybe I’m just obsessed.

I think it’s the penis girth that makes this happen.


That’s what I figured.


I had never done this with my wife before PE. Not before children, and surely not after.

After PE, and extreme ULIs, I did notice this happening more and more. It does not matter now on level of lube or anything else. She likes it also.


Don’t sweat that bullshit right now Prickle. Get focused on a good solid routine and put these thoughts out of your mind for the time being. The beautiful thing about PE is it works and in time you will get what you want. Like Bib, I did not experience this until I made some sizeable girth gains. Keep your head up and hit the extreme uli’s!

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I´ve noticed this a couple of times, just a little bit, and at the time I had 4.5” girth which isn´t much. In porn the fact that after a bit the women can get a bit dry helps the porn stars make that effect happen.

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