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Trouble getting it up WHY

Trouble getting it up WHY

I’m 20 years old, great shape (weights + cardio all the time), did PE for approximately 2.5 years and went from 5.25x4.5 to 6.25x5.5 but I’ve taken the last year off from PE completely because I had stopped gaining for the last 6 months no matter what I did, decon breaks, everything.

Since I was 12 I’ve always had spontaneous erections from smallest things, like hugging a girl or dancing. I still wake up with wood, when I masturbate I get very strong wood, which I used to do everyday. The first few times I’ve hooked up with girls I got rock hard. This is probably back when I was PEing.

But the last two times I’ve hooked up, with 2 different hot girls, I’ve had trouble getting getting it up. What usually happens is I’ll notice it’s somewhat hard when we first start foreplay, then goes soft and stays soft. So when it’s time for the pants to come off, it’s completely soft which is horrible obviously because it’s soft but also because I’m a major grower, not a shower. At this point I’m thinking “Oh crap, it’s soft” and NOTHING can get it hard, blow job can get it to about 50-60% but that’s it and goes soft immediately if she stops.

So what happened when I was with my latest girl was it was hard during foreplay, then soft and stayed soft when the pants came off, after a while of playing with her perfect ass and getting some head it actually did finally get up to about 90% hard, put on the condom as fast as I could, humped away for 10 seconds, then it got soft again and we had to stop. This was how I lost my virginity, what a nightmare hahahahhahaha.

A few things I can speculate might be causing this:
1.Chronic masturbation. I’ve whacked off once a day literally for about 5 years now. My sexual circuitry could be fucked up, too used to Vaseline + hand and staring at computer screen; it’s not used to actual thing, a hot naked woman in bed!
2. Being nervous. I’m pretty sexually inexperienced.
3. Stopping PE probably isn’t helping the situation.
4. Low testosterone? See below..

BUT now get a load of this. 1st time we hooked up, soft. 2nd time I used a sexual supplement that works by boosting testosterone naturally called Vitrix, it works PURELY by raising testosterone, no arginine or yohimbe or horny goat weed or anything like that. BAM! I was hard as a freakin rock, only guess what? She was on her period and we couldn’t bone! But I was hard the whole entire time, got some good head and stayed hard, etc. Then the 3rd time, no Vitrix to help me out and pretty much couldn’t get hard again, although not as bad as the first time. So the Vitrix works for me. Could this possibly mean I have low testosterone levels? A healthy, extremely active 20 year old? Don’t really think so seeing as how I’m always horny and have no problem getting it up when masterbating.

What should I do? I have completely cut out all porn and masturbation for the last 2 weeks already. Haven’t resumed PE yet because I want to take more time off so hopefully when I start again I’ll be able to gain. Can anyone offer any advice? Is it normal for someone who’s nervous and not sexually experienced to have trouble getting it up? I’m confused, don’t really know how to go about fixing this.

Oh and last thing I did notice about 1 year ago I developed a small problem with more frequent urination (mostly just at night when I’m trying to sleep), saw a doctor and he dismissed it as me drinking more water because it’s summer and not to worry. Any way these could be related?

Thanks in advance you guys. I love this forum.

This sounds a lot like me. I’m 20 years old too. The masturbation needs to stop- this is a must. Dude. You serious? If you are like I used to be, you can’t go without a day or two whacking off. And most of its due to habit. Regardless, it needs to stop. Jerk off once every 3-4 days, and keep it like that. You basically need to rest your dick man. Just chill out.

Performance Anxiety sucks, this is the one thing I didn’t really deal with, but your mind will fuck with you. Just pop a Viagra before you get it on, and have no worries. Its like fuckin’ gold man.

Do you PE at all anymore? Do you smoke? Drink a lot? What is your weekly exercise habits? Whats your height/weight? Are you overweight? Depressed (you don’t sound like it)? Answer these questions and i’ll be able to help you out more.

Don’t PE at all anymore, NEVER EVER smoke or drink, workout habits are intense cardio and weights 3-5 times a week, 5’11” weigh 160, not at all overweight, definitely not depressed (just frustrated about this one thing!)

“Just pop a viagra” where does one just get a viagra to pop? Internet? Ain’t that expensive? (Though would be worth it I guess)

If it works when you are alone, or before clothes come off, and doesn’t work when its time for action, its just plain nerves boys! The bad thing about that is once it starts to happen, you get worried it will happen and that CAUSES it to happen.

Just relax, take your time and just have fun. The less you worry about it, the less it will happen. If it does happen and just realize you are nervous and get busy just enjoying her, before you know it things will be coming up roses, or more likely OAK! :)

Viagra = One of the best drugs ever made.

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I think masturbating is not a problem to sex. I think it depends on the mental approach. I had the same problem the first couple of times.

Don’t use Viagra at your age. You do NOT need it. And if you want to take it, ask the doc. In Europe you need the prescription of the doc, I think in the States it is the same.

Viagra may help, but can do “too much” and there are several youngsters recovered in the hospital because of that since Viagra is on the market. So be careful.

Just relax…..



Took my Vitrix, still couldn’t get it up while we were making out. That was last night. She started to grab for my cock through my jeans, I just told her I didn’t want to do any of that stuff since we couldn’t have sex anyways (she’s on her period). I was veerrryyy nervous about it, I was thinking about if I would be able to get it up the whole time, from the time I got over to her house. I know I shouldn’t be worrying about it and it’s only hurting me, but the way our brains work it’s almost impossible. Like if I said, “DO NOT PICTURE WHAT A PINK ELEPHANT WOULD LIKE RIGHT NOW!” bam, you’ve already thought about pink elephants.

I woke up this morning with a massive boner. I was randomly thinking about sex earlier today and noticed I had a pretty decent size boner.

This is killing me. I guess there is nothing to fear but fear itself?

OK, some of are recommending viagra and some aren’t. I think I’d be a good idea to get some. Why? Insurance. My girl is on vacation for a 1 week, if I can’t give it to her by the time she gets back I dunno how long she’s gonna stick around with a dude who can’t even get it up for her. And then it will be deja vu with the next girl who comes along. I know viagra would be only a short term solution to a bigger problem, but if I can just use it long enough to the point where I’m confident about sex, then wean off it, that might be the best thing to do. Because I know I’m going to be very nervous when she gets back.

If I do decide to use viagra, anyway I can get some quickly by the time she gets back (8 days from today)? I don’t want to have to see a doctor, and I know ordering meds can take forever.

Originally Posted by paperazzo

I think masturbating is not a problem to sex. I think it depends on the mental approach. I had the same problem the first couple of times.

Don’t use Viagra at your age. You do NOT need it. And if you want to take it, ask the doc. In Europe you need the prescription of the doc, I think in the States it is the same.

Viagra may help, but can do “too much” and there are several youngsters recovered in the hospital because of that since Viagra is on the market. So be careful.

Just relax…..


Paperazzo, what do you mean it can do “too much?” I have not heard anything about these youngsters and Viagra abuse…

You can use it if you want. Do the research and what not. I am a very healthy 20 year old and have been taking Viagra/Cialis/generic Cialis for the past couple of months. I will continue to use it and so forth. Obviously you need to be cautious not to overdose. But other than that, why not? I was in a sexual rut for about a year and when I was going to get with this girl, I knew I was going to be REALLY nervous, since it was so long. Popped a Viagra, and my dick was rock solid no joke. It is what it is though; If you want to use it, use it. If you don’t feel like you want to resort to it, then don’t. But I suggest it.

As for getting it in 8 days? Dunno man. Obviously mail will take too long, but a Doc won’t. You just need to suck it up and go to a doc. I was a big pussy about that. I ordered some generic Cialis in the mail at first. After a few months, I finally had the balls to go to a new doctor, and tell her that I was having some issues. I suggest finding a woman doc (generally sensitive about penis issues) and just tell her you have been having some issues. She will give you a prescription no problem. Or you can always ask one of your friends’ dads if you can have one. Other than that, you won’t get any.


Sounds like nerves to me. Do you drink? As in drink a lot?

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Surely its nerves. Eventhough you’re only 20, I don’t think Viagra will do any harm. It will give you a little assurance that you will rise to the occasion. Once you get used to your woman, then try it without Viagra. At your age, try 25mg to 50mg initially. Also you can use Cialis and try 10mg or 20mg not more often than every 3 days. You can get generic Viagra (sildenafil) or Cialis (tadalafil) without an Rx at .

If you feel its lack of testosterone (most unlikely at your age) then you can try a natural medicine called tongkat ali extract (100:1) 100mg daily. You can increase by 50mg every 3 to 7 days. A good source for this is . Tongkat ali increases testosterone production and reduces circulating levels of a protein called sex-steroid globulin. Studies show that 100mg daily of a 100:1 tongkat ali extract can increase free testosterone levels by up to 800%. But at your age be careful. Its an expensive product. Don’t buy it unless its a 100:1 extract. There is alot of junk out there in the marketplace. LJ100 is a proprietary name for a very good extract…

RonJeremy, I feel you. I’m in your situation. I recently got with this one girl back at home and we were about to have sex, and then all of a sudden my boner went away. I couldn’t get it up till after I dropped her off home and lately my self-esteem has been pretty low. I know that these incidences happened in the past, but my anxiety from what happened is contributing to my lack of even going out there and trying it again. 3 times it happened where I couldn’t get it up. (Mainly cus of nerves) Imma give up this excuse and go out and connect with women sexually. And I’m creating the possiblity of being relaxed, so that next time the fluidity of sexuality can take it’s course.

Thanks for all the great responses you guys. I think I might know of someone who could hook it up with some viagra. If not, oh well. If not I’ll just try and relax, and if I can’t get it up, I’ll just explain to my girl the situation and be patient with me, if she doesn’t understand then fuck her.

I already feel a lot better knowing that my problem is common and fixable. Thanks a lot guys :)

Originally Posted by kingpole
Sounds like nerves to me. Do you drink? As in drink a lot?

I never ever drink or smoke or use any drugs


I was having the same problem too!

I ended up a relationship that took 2,5 years. Then got single.

I realized I could get the woman I want!

The first two sex happened me to start fucking and then I got soft..

But later on.. I realized it was just nervousism because of the same situation. Something like inexperience.

My advice is to try different places. Fuck the girl on the car or someplace crazy.

That worked for me first.. Now I’m dating a reaaally hot chick and it’s been amazing.

I started a hanging routine because I don’t have the hugest unit. Something like 5.5 x 4.7

I have been in your exact same shoes my friend. It really, truly is just nerves.

What I did was stop masturbation completely, then pop 100mg of viagra with my girl. You will beat it up several times like a rock star, and after that both your brain and your junk will be in perfect working order from then on. You just have to overcome that first hurtle to reset both your psyche and your physiological hangups. You won’t need any viagra after that, trust me.

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