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Trojan Magnums XL

Trojan Magnums XL

Has anyone used them and do you think that I will find them to fit me OK as at £9.25 I don’t what to waste my money on them if they are to big for me.



7 x 7 1/2 NBPEL

Shooting for 8 x 7 NBPEL

They’re tight on a 6-inch girth. You’ll be busting out of them. The damn condom manufacturers seem to cater to large *egos* rather than large penises with their “plus-size” rubbers.

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So what do you suggest bro ?

7 x 7 1/2 NBPEL

Shooting for 8 x 7 NBPEL

Hobby’s link is all you’ll need.

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If you have 7” girth, forget the Magnum Xls. They are not nearly wide enough.

Those in Hobby’s link cost $US12.95/doz, but they do solve the girth problem.



Yeah these guys are right. At 6.5 ms I have to have a really stiff one so I can stretch them to the base.

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First experience with condoms was today since embarking on this little PE adventure.

My wife has a yeast infection that is clearing so I thought to get a box. My choice was Trojan larges, when I brought them out to the car she laughed and said I was a moron. Well, got home slid it on and me and wife had a good time laughing. It didn’t work out at all. I guess I need to listen to her, she won’t take them back for an exchange, that would have been too funny to me.

I recall have regular condoms slide off and not unroll all the way pre NPE, so this $7.19 experience was well worth it. I’ll go with the XL’s next time.

I want to know how thick the minimum one should be to use Magnums?

Anyone know? Magnum XL’s.

I don’t know much about condoms because I never use them, dumbass, I know.

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- Leighann Lord has sizes of a variety of brands has a “big men” pack that has a variety of large brands - pasante, mates, magnum xl. Magnum XL are by far the most comfortable I’ve found to date in the UK.

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