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Trojan Extended Pleasure

Trojan Extended Pleasure

Has anyone tried this before? Know any other desensitizing condoms that’s better?

When you are PEing.... he sees.

Out of all the desensitizing products I’ve tried, they were the best.

Anyone else? I’ve heard good and bad things, such as both sides of the condom have the desensitizing lubrication on them so the girl goes numb and doesn’t feel anything either.…Lubricated.html

Yup.. Found the numbing to be true with my girlfriend. That and it made me so desensitized that by the time I got anywhere near ejaculating, my girlfriend was snoring :-P For me, washing the outside as you roll it on helps a LOT - at least with keeping my girlfriend from getting numb. After I used them for a while, I went back to normal condoms and found that I lasted longer. Don’t know if it was the condoms or something else, but I did last longer.

I strongly recommend using the Tantric/Tao techniques for delaying and multiple orgasm. I can tell you it works and you don’t have to worry about crazy creams or her being affected by them.

If you give yourself a month or two to work on this you’ll be absolutely amazed at the results. I’ve literally had non-ejaculatory orgasms and gone until she was coming down and ended sex with a hard-on ready to go again - both of us completely satisfied.

I’m convinced we’re way to conditioned to look for a pill or creme where a little work will do the trick. I guess it explains the multitude of diet pills, breast enhancement creams, and everything else out there.

Look around Thunder’s … a lot of the information is here. You can get books on Tao and Tantric with more detailed info as well.

I tried one today for the first time. It didn’t help delay my ejaculation, but it did make my penis numb.

I won’t be using them again.

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