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trojan condoms

trojan condoms

Has anyone used the extended pleasure condoms from trojan,do they really help with delaying orgasm compared to a standard lubricated condom?

Also what about the trojan condom for her pleasure, it says on the box it’s designed for female stimulation,has anyone tried these?

I tried the extended pleasure condoms. They do work. They desensitize your head, therefore you get less stimulation and are able to last longer. However, like I said before, there is a trade-off. You loose a lot of the stimulation/sensation/pleasure that way.

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how much longer do you last when using the extended pleasure compared to a regular condom?

Ive used them. They can make you last for a long time. For me, I felt completly numb.

Warning though, i dont know what I did when I used them. But perhaps some of the cream got in to my urtetha, and I had intense stinging pain for about an hour.

I never had any pain, but if there is too much desensitizer in one of them, they will make your dick really numb. Then, it feels like it is not part of your body anymore and you can go forever, if you can keep up the erection, which can be a problem, because you are not getting much stimulation in that area anymore.

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