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Trembles and throbs:

Trembles and throbs:

Introduction and overview.

In recognition of the fact that not all members here at Thunder’s place are here for the size, I pondered on a welcome note that could be found suitable and I sought to unravel the workings of a mechanism for the prolongation of sex. This mechanism has the regular ‘two sides to the coin’ for a general consensus has been reached that every effort geared towards the prolongation of sex is forever dependant on a synergy : The piston and the crank shaft; stimulation and response; rhythm and sensation; a process whereby one factor fuels the other. A symbiotic manipulation the brings life, exuberance and continuity like vegetation and mankind, carbon dioxides and oxygen, like the constant speed of the revolving earth which masks so much commotion with the calm of a constant (The speed of self induced sensations)

It is common knowledge that in the course of sexual engagement, those aspiring for orgasmic control must respond to erupting sensations on a split second basis. By so doing, One would discover that these eruptions (pre-ejaculatory urgency) can be converted to a fuel that keeps the penis rigid in the course of its rigorous ride, provided a calm is maintained (Zero tension).

· From this slant, I Say that control is a violin that capturing continuity and tension; easing to halts and climbing into a gallop. Like the initial turbulence in the accelerating vehicle that is made calm by speed (the speed of self-induced sensations) and maintained by uniformity and consistency of acceleration and deceleration.
In the course of sexual intercourse, the penis is faced with fatigue, trembles and throbs. These are subject to the workings of stimulation: The penis trembles when it becomes saturated with sensation. And it may leave a fatigue CC convulsing to a halt.(a sensation can deaden as another can ignite)
The penis is subject to the workings of stimulation: A penis hardens with saturation of sensation.And the thrill in the linger tension makes a groaning penis throb in excitement and exuberance.

From the above, it becomes more evident that sensation is the tool that cripples and invigorates. It may also fuel the continuity of a process.

Sensation is a tool and it has a scale form one to ten; One is for those sensations that are more mellow and evenly distributed over an area under stimulation.Ten is for those higher sensations which appear to occur like a million tiny pleasure pin-point erupting ecstatic pleasure spontaneously so that the penis may ease and sleep under a shower of pleasure.

Rhythm is a propellant and decelerator. Since sex is a rhythm and rhythm has continuity, the best way to halt, fade ore relegate the rhythm of the rising orgasm to the background is not to the stopping in the edging, but the motion in the ballooning. Like riding a bicycle, stability is gotten from motion.. Sensation and rhythm are two factors that require harmonisation in the pursuit of continuity. Sensation has a triggering effect on the penis which has the force of either causing a tremble or a throb. Whichever one experiences, at any given time, may serve as a pointer to determining the level of penis fitness or induced fatigue. The second the Penis is brought in contact with a given source of stimulation, sensation immediately starts erupting at their own rhythms and tempos. To answer the cajoling tempo is to pursue a brake down of continuity. Those aspiring for orgasmic control must respond to the lead guitar like the base guitar- Apparently divorced, but by a diverging harmony music is made so that one might regale on the balance and equilibrium.

Some of such base guitars is the relegation that brings composure, the dismemberment that leaves the penis throbbing in shear futility and lonesomeness, the pushing to override when a composed penis becomes accustomed to a heighten sensation.

For further unraveling, I’ll hint that the relegation is the denial of neural input: Relegating ones one’s mind and longings to a lost world where, though the eyes are free to observe without inhibitions, the blurring of neural pathways may cause a distillation(the capacity of ejaculatory tendencies to trigger other responses) of response form the world of the penis so that response becomes an audience in the podium where it may look down with dominance or condense back to the center-stage upon the reopening of neural inputs. By so doing the penis may once again Begin to exhibit those throbs and trembles (ejaculatory tendencies) . And by so doing a failing erection may be stretched rigid by a rising tension. Prolongation often entails the defeat of fatigue through the fueling of reaction with trembles and throbs with may unexpectedly explode into a shower of electric sensations: A period at which may have said they achieved a ‘ mega stiffy’.

Dismemberment is the isolation of the penis so that the groin area may be made to exist in a hollow. As though the penis and erupting sensation were made to exist in a world numbed by its distance from reality. I have said in my past post that one of the ways of riding the orgasm maybe building a equilibrium momentum that sneaks and stretches to override the momentum of the rising urgency. Isolating the penis makes it act like a woman demanding attention: Its throbs or trembling may become more and more pronounced as it strives to effect that ejaculatory goal which it was designed to cause though one has chosen to deny it of it. As a result of this , the penis may tremble with an inability to transmit tension.. And it can never explode because both neural transmission and sensation are subjected to a meltdown before it leaves its area of highest concentration or the hollow of dismemberment.

This hollow can be effected by placing tension on the tailbone, by lifting the tension from the pelvic area or by creating a motion that generates a tension equaled or greater than those erupting freely (sensation maybe occurring by ones making to counter that which is occurring free) at the penis

Tests and Example:
In the woman on top position, the hollow effect is created by sinking into the mattress tailbone first (if she notices this then there’s an application of excess effort) In the rear entry, a counter tension can be generated by a little flick-back of the tail bone at the end of withdrawal : At this phase the penis prepares for the overwheling pleasure of re-entry but the flick-effect derails the sequence of events by a lack of concentration, continuity, and a distraction resulting in a mellowing.

For me, I can flex my butt muscles just as I flex my chest muscles. In the sinking into the mattress effect, the idea is generate a tension in the butt muscles by contracting only the upper part of the butt (around the area where the spine meets the pelvic that is fist noticed when ladies are spotted flaunting ass in tight low waist jeans). Taking tension from the pelvic area may also entail taking a short (inhale) breath, so that the lower abdomen is made more light (must be easy and effortlessly done: unnoticeable) and hollowing. So that the circulation and breathing would be made to appear like it were revolving up and back down without advancing to far into the pelvic area. It is this sort of dismemberment that can leave a man with a calm composure and a raging and throbbing endlessly like a process occurring in parallel to other bodily responses..

For the sake of Sunday , I will stop here to return to rest. However, I will in the near future update these ideas discussed here for a richer understanding. And for the sake of accuracy, I’ll summarise by adding that continuity is not effected through the use of mechanical inputs like kegels , flicking, spanking and breathing, rather these external factors may be introduced into the equation in an effort to tilt the balance to ones favour: Equalizing when the momentum of erupting pleasure is not meet with an equal momentum of self-induced sensations.

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