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Total testosterone of 290 at 21 years old. Options?

Originally Posted by marinera
Testosterone makes people more sleepy, generally. The low libido could have several causes, first that come to mind are too high T doses, which can send estrogens to the sky, or the rollercoaster effect, or again your are pushing too much in the gym believing that T is already in your blood stream, or..well you got the idea.

What dosage are you on? It takes several weeks for T enanthate to go completely in blood stream. Also, I would avoid taking other medications without doctor’ advice, it can unleash fucking unpredictable reactions. Taking a prostate shrinker at 21 when you are coming from a story of low testosterone is somewhat ridicolous.

Thanks bro. Yea I feel more tired for sure. I’m taking 200mg of test e divided into 2 weekly doses injected into the side of my quads. Estrogen might be out of wack yea. I have been doing ~9 to 12 hours in the gym so I could just be physically fatigued since I push myself until my entire body is shot. Been 4 weeks so far so I’ll watch for more improvements.

Yea well it’s just some herbal stuff that’s supposed to help with frequent urination issues. I’ll definitely drop them if they don’t’ work in a week or two. Also I’m not taking any other medications at the moment.

I mean my erections and libido have improved a lot but it’s not at the level I thought they’d be at.

Maybe like you said it’s just fatigue. Also due to not having morning erections for a few years my penile tissue as well as pelvic floor might be very weak and lost function. I guess I’ll keep at the kegels and PE then see how it goes.

Originally Posted by gottagolarger
Tungsten Man,

Poor sleep could have an overall effect. Your body creates testosterone as you rest and recover. If you are not sleeping well, it could have an impact. The place I am doing my TRT wanted me to get a sleep study to see if sleep apnea may be some of the cause of my low T issues.

Thanks bro. Yea I’m on TRT right now. I took HCG before and it didn’t raise my level.

I’ll probably get a sleep study done to see why my sleep hasn’t been great lately if it doesn’t improve in a month or so. Maybe it’s just been that since I’ve been back at school all the staying out late has got to me. Normally I need to go to sleep by 9pm since I always wake up before 8am and lately I’ve been staying up to 1 am to 2 am. I know my father needs 10+ hours of sleep to feel good in the morning and I think I’m the same way. Not sure.

You’ll start feeling ‘the real thing’ after 4-6 weeks from the beginning. Dosages aren’t so high to cause too much estrogen peaking I think, but you know everyone is different.

Originally Posted by marinera
You’ll start feeling ‘the real thing’ after 4-6 weeks from the beginning. Dosages aren’t so high to cause too much estrogen peaking I think, but you know everyone is different.

Hmmm cool man. Thanks.

I was told I needed trt by my endocrinologist. I workout and eat fairly clean. Not fat by any definition. Did some reading and found out all I needed to do was take zinc citrate 30mg capsule on an empty stomach before bed and now my test is in the high range. I showed all symptoms of low test as well as having low numbers. U may just be deficient in a vitamin. By the way I was 22 at the time. Also my estrogen was really high for a man.

Because for some reason I can’t make a post in the men’s sexual health category even though I’ve had this account since September 2015, I’ll just post here.

For the last few months, I’ve noticed that I no longer wake up with morning wood, and rarely get the nocturnal boners. And even when I do, they just feel weak, and same when I pleasure myself. I also always feel tired and unfocused even though I get 8+ hours of sleep a night usually. But I decided to see my doctor and get my testosterone levels checked, and sure enough they are low. I believe she said I was at 248 or something, which is like the level a 60+ year old man should be at, but I’m only 32 years old. They are setting up an appointment with an endocrinologist, but I am wondering what to expect.

For the record, I am 5’11”, 150lbs, so borderline skinny. I don’t smoke or drink.
I don’t exercise at the moment because I had shoulder surgery back in September and still have problems after the surgery, but once I am able to, I plan to join a gym again.
I also have been single for a long time, and haven’t had sex in almost 3 years, which may be why it’s so low. But fixing that is easier said than done.


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