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Too much precum that the condom slips off

Too much precum that the condom slips off

Hey guys; it’s been awhile. I didn’t know exactly which forum to put this in since I’ve been gone awhile, but I hope I can get alot of attention and help from posting here. I’ve had alot of precum recently that is making my condom slip off. This is very scary and I don’t know whats up but it’s been like this for several months now. What can I do to prevent this?

There is a sort of condom “clamp” out there somewhere. If that can’t be found, how about a good-fitting cockring placed butt-against the bottom ring of the condom after you roll it on?



Try jerking off before intercourse? Would make the volume less so there should be less precum as well. The timing may be problematic and infact it may not help at all. Just a suggestion.

Avocet; where can I find one of those rings? Do they sell them at those brown bag stores; aka lovers lane?

I don’t know. But seems to me I saw them available once in a K-Mart in the condom section. But, maybe that was an adult store I was shopping. :)

Try a cockring and see how that works.




Gardettos try to get the condoms called perfect fit or ultra-thin. They are quite tight so, I believe they won’t slip.


I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Here’s what I’ve tried since I’ve had issues with the condom falling off.

1- Put on a cockring before an erection, then when ready for intercourse, roll the condom around the cockring. The friction between the rubber ring and the condom wrapped around it holds it in place pretty well.

2- Get They Fit condoms or smaller condoms that fit better. They don’t slide off as easy as the trojans or durex.

3- After putting a trojan or durex on, I wrap a small hair braid rubberband around the base of my erection where the end of the condom is. Haven’t tried this too many times, but it seemed to be effective.

4- Tell my girl to take the pill and forget the condom ;)

The condom is too big, get something smaller.pretty self-evident.has nothing to do with the pre-fluid.

Originally Posted by Vokey58
The condom is too big, get something smaller.pretty self-evident.has nothing to do with the pre-fluid.

Nope. In my experience, in fact, a smaller condom makes the problem even worse. Some of us simply produce a whole lot of precum and it’s hard to keep any condom in place. I might try the cock ring idea listed above.

Whats the “pre-cum” have to do with anything…..most of us need a cast cutter to get those damn condoms off once there on. Praise mankind for producing all different sizes.

Originally Posted by Vokey58
Whats the “pre-cum” have to do with anything

Try squirting a teaspoon or two of lube into your condom the next time you have vigorous sex, and see how well it stays on.

Originally Posted by Vokey58
Praise mankind for producing all different sizes.

If you’re still convinced it’s a matter of size, I will trot out my stats for you: 8” length NBP, 6+” midshaft girth. Are regular condoms just too big for me? :rolleyes:

Another factor that will influence how well condoms stay on is the shape of the penis. Someone whose dick narrows toward the glans (with a “tree trunk” base) is more likely to have the condom slide off than someone who has more of a “baseball bat” shaped dick.

Pussy tightness also seems to have an effect, in my experience. There’s been only one girl I never had slippage problems with — and she happened to be the loosest of all the girls I’ve been with. (Less tightness = less “pulling” on the condom with each thrust.)

I have not used many condoms in the last several years but I remember having a similar problem. I even remember taking off a condom in the middle of sex and replacing it with a fresh one. It can be really inconvenient to stop in the middle like that, but it is an option, and also gives you a chance to regather your control, if necessary.

Horny Bastard

Yeah I’ve had to do the same thing many times, Mravg.

Yes, Sparkyx’s suggestion is helpful, linked to the tightness issue I mentioned. Condom slippage is definitely worse when you don’t have enough lube (natural or artificial).

Excessive lubrication inside the condom = bad. Excessive lubrication outside the condom = good :)

A dry-ish, tight pussy yanking hard on a condom that’s soaking wet inside, on a cock that is widest at the base, is just asking for slippage trouble…

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