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To all you Edgers: What have you found to be the pros/cons to edging?


Originally Posted by tuffram
Even after doing a search I’m not sure I fully understand how to do the “edging” technique properly. Can someone please explain how to do this technique? Also what is ballooning and how do you do this technique properly?…read.php?t=4351

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Originally Posted by Alrdybig
Damn KOG, is that really you’re wife???


Yup, that was her. Though I’ve now changed avatars. ;(

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Ohhhh, so that’s what’s “edging” is. You know I’ve often been doing this lately without really knowing what it’s called. Spank to just the point of first orgasmic contractions - stop. Repeat - stop. Repeat - stop. And so on. I’ve never done this with “increasing testosterone” in mind. Just cause it’s kind of cool to be able to have all these sort of mini-orgasms and then finally a nice big one.

I guess I should try it without actually finishing up one day. Just get up and leave the house or go do something else. Probably would be horny as fuck, though. Ha! It does feel to me that built up sexual energy like that can translate into other general energy and high spirits. It’s probably good for sexual control too, keeping yourself from cumming too early. But it’s not like I’m going to deprive myself of jacking it for a week or something. Good for the prostate, it is!

I have been edging everyday for a couple of hours at a time, since i first discovered the technique in my early teens, some 35 years ago. Advantage? The sheer prolonged pleasure of hovering on the brink of orgasm. Disadvantage? Prevents you from getting on with other things, and occasional “blue balls”. Now and again I enjoy a real marathon - longest ever was 7 hours and it was awesome - it was only the ache from congested testicles that forced me to ejaculate. In my experience, a penis that is kept erect and stimulated for such a long time does indeed show considerable size increase.

JustaGuyBristol…HOw do you do that? What I mean is, when I edge, I just get up to the point of orgasm and STOP….When I first edged, it took me about 8-10 min to get to the brink of orgasm, then I stopped. Did it another day, and it took me about 15 min now…Did it another day and it took me about 25-30min….And now I am at 50. What I mean is that, I don’t “hover” around the brink of orgasm. I just stop and somehow, the next time I do it, it takes me slightly longer to get there. This is what LEx Steele said he does: “I get myself ready to cum in the first position, within the first few minutes. Then, for the rest of the scene, I’m holding back. You’re at your most intense when you’re ready to cum and that’s how I am for forty-five minutes. That’s another reason why I cum like I do. I’ve been holding it for a long time.”

Is that basically what you do? I mean, how do you “hover” around the brink of orgasm for such a long time? Don’t you have to slow down your thrusts to a speed where sex isn’t even fun anymore?


Alrdybig - My understanding of edging is repeatedly taking the penis to the brink of orgasm, then reducing the stumulation to allow the immediate urgency to pass while ensuring enough stimulation keep the penis fully erect and maintain the sensations from the glans. With practice this can be enjoyed for hours, (though Im not suggesting intercourse can be prolonged for the same length of time as masturbation, though it certainly helps with self-control). I would certainly ejaculate eventually - after that much stimulation I’m not sure I cope without release!

I am quite curious of a way to hold the brink of orgasm for 45 minutes… I would love to know how

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I see Bristol…You and I have completely different definitions of edging…I defined mine in my last reply. Going on your definition, when you reduce stimulation “to allow the immediate urgency to pass” and then resume, don’t you start off at or damn close to where you left off? That’s why I don’t linger around the brink of orgasm. Because if I do, I just end up back where I started. Please share your techniques and tips with Remek annd I…


remek, it takes practice, and a lot of self control. You must be willing to stop or slow down when you get “that feeling.” You take yourself to the brink, then stop again.

In college, I used to do it, I hate to admit this, fucking a pillow. Call me crazy, but I swear it works. Only with nice Egyptian cotton or silk sheets and pillow cases, though. Basically, pull down the covers and lay on top of a pillow with your dick under one end, straighten out all the wrinkles, and slowly pump. It feels very good, and while watching porn, I used to spend hours edging right on the brink of orgasm. I felt like I was in a dream state or on drugs. I would slip in and out of consciousness and sleep. It is one incredible rush to edge for that long.

And if I did decide to cum, I would blast a load that required a beach towel and a shower. Seriously, the buildup was unreal.

Alrdybig - you do indeed start off close to where you left off- thats the point - it’s the preorgasmic plateau that is so enjoyable and which i try to maintain as long as possible. Hughjorgan is absolutely right - it does take great self control and one does indeed almost enter a trance-like state where nothing registers but the continuous pleasure from the glans. And when one eventually allows the orgasm it is incredibly intense and the amount of semen ejaculated is remarkably copious, presumably from the pelvic congestion brought about by the sheer length of stimulation. Personally I have found that such stimulation causes remarkable expansion of the penis both in girth and length, but particularly in the size of the glans.

Originally Posted by NordstrumQ
Good for the prostate, it is!

Ok, I’ve been wanting to find someone mentioning this, because i thought that edging possibly might be bad for the prostate? can someone back up what NordstrumQ said?

First of all, Wanking, doesnt reduce test levels, I’m a bodybuilder, I wank 3 times a day, due to ridiculous levels of test, I also programmed myself to Blow within 5 mins, I’m on a cycle of dianabol and jackin 3 times +

Originally Posted by Bob8
Ok, I’ve been wanting to find someone mentioning this, because I thought that edging possibly might be bad for the prostate? Can someone back up what NordstrumQ said?

Not ejaculating is bad for the prostate. Unless you are skilled at not letting semen enter into the prostate or bladder one should not refrain from ejaculating. AS for me I have done it both ways. I prefer to ejaculate after a good 45 minute edging or ballooning session.

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