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Tingling inside urethra please help

Tingling inside urethra please help

Hi everyone, I’ve been feeling some tingling inside my urethra and near my penis. I’ve only realized this in the past few hours, after holding in my urine for roughly two hours after having to go quite badly. I was doing some freeway driving and could not stop. Also, I have had unprotected sex with my girlfriend a few times over the past two weeks. Does anyone think that I should be scared of having an STD or something related? Am I just freaking out? Can someone give me some advice? I’m very scared right now.

Consult your GP.

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No need to be scared. Like the poster above said, go see a doctor.

Tingling in the urethra and near the penis, wherever that may be, is not a normal sensation to have after holding in your pee. It could be a number of things, from a simple irritation from sweat and heat during driving coupled with tight pants to an infection.

If you do have anything I am pretty sure there is a cure for it. See a doctor soon and let us know how it turns out.


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