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Thinking about Propecia


Originally Posted by MDC
I’ve been using 1.25mg finasteride daily for several years. Sides? Extra body hair that showed up from using minoxidil by itself went away. No negative sides for me. If I had experienced any significant problems, I certainly would have stopped.

I’m down to about 10mg of my current supply and need to order more. I get an Indian brand named Fincar (generic Proscar 5mg) and break it into fourths

So I’m guessing you had good results if you have been on it for this long? What are your results?

I’m not losing my hair yet and I’m not sure if I will actually but I want to keep what I got for the rest of my life if possible. I’m 25 and still have a very thick head of hair. My father is 70 and still has hair but it is thin on top. He never used rogaine or any other med either. I plan on using some medication when it starts to thin. Any advice?

I can’t tell if it’s my imagination but I’ve started taking finasteride, 2 days now and I have a strange tingly numb feeling around my penis and chest area.

Like very mild pins and needles, and my penis looks more red when erect than normally, red and spongy feeling, but the same size, my latest gains are still there :)

It could be my imagination, and I know the mind plays trick on you, I’ve been browsing very negative things on forums about this drug, and well it really can affect your mind haha, which is why I’m gonna be watching carefully for 1 week see how this pans out. :)

Anyway anyone had something similar to this happen?

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No. You’re looking for trouble where there is none. Not everyone has side effects. Some of us just have a full head of hair.

Yeah most likely, I meant reading horror stories will affect your mind, incase you thought I meant fin.

Some people claim to not be able to lose weight, get ripped on the drug, which was my worry, since it’s one of my goals. But look at this guy, he’s gained fuller head of hair, and he is more ripped than ever after using fin, very inspiring.…hp?f=30&t=54210
His body is on page 8 and others. :)

My hairloss is similar to him, but I have dark hair, curly/wavy, I could sort of style it so people wouldn’t notice, but the last couple of months it’s got very hard. I just feel like shaving it and forgetting about it, but this guys story and others changed my mind. :)
I think I am lucky thou, because I don’t think I will ever go total bald. My father had similar loss in his younger years and then it stopped or at least slowed a lot, and now in his late 40’s it hasn’t changed much, just the same receded hairline and slightly thinning. It runs in the family.

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I thought you weren’t going to “worry.” :)

I love how they say, “Man, I love your hair. No homo!” Why do straight guys have to justify a compliment to another guy with that? Weird.

He’s certainly well developed. Hopefully that will give you some peace of mind regarding your own ability to have a nice body.

Yeah the no homo thing is amusing haha.

Yes it does give me peace of mind. By the way I feel great now, it was all in my mind, it was probably more red because I had just done PE, also this is my first proper month of PE for some time, so changes are gonna happen, today it was much better, probably the biggest it’s ever felt so far. :)


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