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Theyfit - 'custom' sized condoms


Thank you West.

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You’re welcome ‘ru.

Originally Posted by iamaru
Thanks shaguar.

The link is currently not working for me. But hopefully they will be back up soon.

Guys, stock up a bit if you can. Especially if you are small, large, or of non-standard dimensions. Nothing ruins sex like a condom that doesn’t fit. To girthy and it falls off, to snug and it will squeeze you limp.

Not to mention that it ends up looking like a brat on the barby ready to burst.

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Update, They Fit from condomania still up and delivery is less than a week for my location.

Anyone know how these feel, as compared, say to Durex Love or other thin condom?

The fit was fine, maybe a little looser than I need but I am the one that provided the measurements. The length was great because I am not 7.5 in. + so no need for even a standard length condom. Thinking of that, maybe because there was no unrolled condom left the base was looser than I was used to. Anyway, the feel was okay, nothing special. I am thinking that other major thin brands are better quality so actually feel nicer. For example. Kimono MicroThin are great as are Magnum Thin. I doubt I will bother in the future becuase the cost is higher and I am in a size range where other condoms are easily available for cheaper.


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