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The VIP Muscle

The VIP Muscle

Hows everyone doing?
I picked up a book called “Scientifically Guaranteed Male Multiple Orgasms and Ultimate Sex” by Alan Ritz. I was wandering if anyone had any experience with his VIP Muscle? The books is kinda vague, and I haven’t really heard of this VIP muscle before. In addition, it sounds a lot like Dr. Lynn’s anal breathing or whatever he calls it. So my question is, has anyone had any experience with this book, with the VIP muscle in general and the vitamins and minerals he suggests to take?

- D

Read the reviews on this page and see if you think it’s something special or more unscientific mumbo-jumbo like Lin spews.

The author’s own words: “Avoid contracting the PC muscle (located below the testicles) as other authors recommend…” It’s clear this guy knows nothing of anatomy (see this).

“Women, you can secretly help your men with the “stealth” advice from the book. 90% of the discussed supplements are undetectable. Easily learn from simple questions and answers how to diagnose and eliminate his deficiencies even in 72 hours. You can choose between common food sources or very affordable, safe and undetectable supplements, which are available everywhere.”

Here he wants your wife to secretly put supplements in your food. Nice.

“The book provides crucial information for men of all ages, including teenagers. I have recommended science-based ejaculation frequency for each age group to prevent over ejaculations. They lead to more than 24 major health problems, incurable by medical doctors, that seriously undermine their (sexual) life.”

Here he wants you to teach teenagers about this and tell them how often they should jerk off. The last sentence sounds very much like Dr. Lin’s bullshit and that’s probably where this guy got most of his information.

“A common consequence from the regular use of The VIP Muscle is natural penis enlargement. If you consider it beneficial, there are several biosubstances and specific advice on how to stimulate it to permanently add up to 1.5 inches in the long term. Note that this is entirely a restarted natural growth from your teens.”

Ah, the “secret” is out. Take my “biosubstances” (penis pills) and follow my “specific advice” (PE exercises) and your dick will restart it’s natural growth as in puberty. Sorry, that’s not possible. We’ve gone over this before. Once a man is out of puberty the mechanisms that initiate his secondary sex characteristics cannot be turned on again.

If you paid for the book, I’d say you wasted your money.

Good thing I can return it. Lol. But I wanted to say that alot of what he was saying sounded like bs. But I had heard bits and pieces of what was in the book here and there so it was wierd because it sounded like some of the stuff in Werner Ashford sweet rewards ballooning thread and some other places. But I also got the multi orgasmic man which is a lot simpler in my opinion. Anyways just wanted a second opinion. Thank you westla!

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I love when westla lays it down. I also wanted to point out that whenever someone uses words like “real science” or “scientifically guaranteed,” it’s always some whacko peddling some bullshit.

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