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The Pull Kegel

The Pull Kegel

(Disclaimer: This is probably covered in thousands of other threads, I have done a couple of advanced searches, but I have not found it)

Yesterday while lying in bed and doing kegels while flaccid I got a bit frustrated that I couldn’t see or really feel how good I flexed the muscle. So I started stretching my penis at the same time (kind of like when you check for tug back in the LOT theory). This way I could really feel how my BC was flexing and have a little resistance for the flex. A sad thing was that I could only really flex my BC muscle for about a second even though I tried to hold it for 5.

Is this a common practice by folks on here? I’ve only read about the towel kegels.

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I do it all the time, helps me isolate the muscles I am targeting.

I’ve often wondered if flaccid kegels have the save effect as erect kegels. It’s like, you’re still activating the same muscles, the only difference being that you don’t see as big an effect with the flaccids as with the erect ones.

But, in the end, it’s a level playing field, right?

Try flexing your abdominal muscles while you maintain a penis pull and kegel. Then follow with a reverse kegal!

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I almost always tug on my penis while doing Kegels. I agree it is much easier to feel the effect of the Kegel, much like checking tug back of LOT.

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